Top 6 tricky food photography ideas and tips

Photographing food is tricky! But once you know how, it becomes a lot easier and a lot more fun. Here are some tips that will help out. Give these ideas a go, don’t be afraid to play around and see for yourself what a difference a few changes can make!

Leaked Nikon D5 photos

Nikon Rumors obtained and released a number of photographs of the new D5 flagship DSLR, which are all shown below.

The secrets of a portrait photoshoot

Whether a new, amateur or seasoned photographer, your first portrait photoshoot may be a daunting prospect, but in this article, I’ll show you there is nothing to be afraid of!

Nikon D7000 DSLR camera review

The Nikon D7000 isn’t for everyone. Nor should it be.

It was created with the budget enthusiast in mind, and its accompanying features and components represent that target demographic flawlessly.

The first phrase that comes to mind when I think about the D7000 is “consistent quality”. And throughout this review, I’ll highlight some of the key reasons why this particular phrase comes to mind.

Top 3 best selling DSLR cameras in 2015

If you are finally ready to make the jump from a point-and-shoot camera to a digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) camera, now is the perfect time. There are a lot of really great affordable DSLR cameras on the market today that offer a lot of features and flexibility that would have been out of reach to everybody but professionals just a few years ago.

The benefit of DSLR over point-and-shoot is that you get a lot more control over what the final photo will look like. DSLR cameras combine the optics and mechanisms of the kind of single-lens reflex cameras that were so popular in the ’90s and ’00s with a digital imaging sensor. That was a huge breakthrough for both amateur and pro photographers because it allows them to shoot as much as they want without having to worry about the expense of buying and developing film.

Maintaining your DSLR camera

When it comes to maintaining your DLSR camera and making sure that it works properly for years to come, there are always a few important things to keep in mind.

Tips for optimizing photos with Lightroom

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a simple to learn, and easy to use program that can enhance your digital images while also saving and storing them for you. Anyone with basic computer knowledge can understand this program to maximise their photos after they are taken. Digital photos have drastically changed how we photograph things, store, and print them as well. It’s a whole new world in photo editing software.

Make money selling your photos online

There was a time when being a professional photographer procured images of someone taking wedding pictures or family portraits. Most professional photographers were historically reduced to capturing other people’s significant life events.

With the advent of the Internet and digital communication, professional photographers have an exciting avenue to travel. Most businesses and government agencies publish websites and blogs. Their online presence is enhanced, of course, by relevant photography. But businesses and government agencies are busy managing their operations. They don’t want to hire an occasional photographers.