The Best Canvas Photo Print Services

Canvas prints may have a transformative effect that your office or home space needs and always make things more interesting, regardless.

Choosing the best high-quality canvas prints doesn’t have to be a difficult decision, and we can help you make up your mind with our guide.

When you know what you want to accomplish, you can browse through your options and make the right choice. Our goal is for you to learn enough about each of these canvas print services to make an informed decision. Read on to learn more about these services and the difference that they can make.

Canvas Print ServiceCategoryCanvas TypeShips ToCustom Options Available?
Easy Canvas PrintsBest Canvas Print OverallGlossU.S. and CanadaYes
Canvas ChampBest Canvas Print for Multiple StylesMatte, GlossU.S. onlyYes
Canvas PrintsBest Canvas Print Water-ResistantMatteU.S. onlyYes
Simple Canvas PrintsBest Canvas Print VersatileMatteU.S. onlyNo
PictoremBest Canvas Print PremiumMatteFor select products, otherwise U.S. and Canada onlyNo

Simple Canvas Prints (Our Recommend Choice)

Simple Canvas Prints is the best canvas prints providor.

The reason why we chose Simple Canvas Prints as our recommended choice for best canvas print comes down to the fact that out of all the other photo canvas print companies, they seem to have the most satisfied users and better customer support.

This is a screenshot of the worst & best canvas prints reviews.

Simple Canvas Prints boasts prints that meet museum-quality standards in dimensions that range from 8″ x 8″ to 30′ x 36″. In addition to standard canvas prints, you can choose from various options that include overlays, coloring canvas, and printing from Facebook or Instagram. When you want maximum flexibility, you can get it easily with Simple Canvas Prints.

One problem we encountered with Simple Canvas Prints is seeing the price of their order increase without warning. The Simple Canvas Prints customer service representatives have not been able to offer satisfactory explanations for why this situation occurred. Getting this problem corrected sometimes takes an effort on the customer’s part.

In short, Simple Canvas Prints has one of the broadest range of canvas photo printing. You may have to watch for inexplicable price increases while ordering. However, the benefits outweigh any possible problems, and you should feel comfortable with the service overall.


  • Offers the flexibility of Facebook and Instagram printing
  • All canvas prints feature museum-quality printing and materials
  • Unique alternatives to standard wall art prints
  • Has an A+ Rating on the BBB (Better Business Bureau) website.
  • Has the least amount of unsatisfied customers


  • Unexplained price increases during the ordering process sometimes
  • Customer service is sometimes slow to address price issues

Available At:


This image is showing an example of Pictorem quality canvas prints

Pictorem allows you to use your art or photos from their collection to create canvas prints. Select from dimensions ranging from 12″ x 12″ to 72″ x 48″ or a custom size according to your requirements. All images use the same museum-quality printing process and ship with wood, wire, and felt pads for easy hanging of your wall art.

We checked the prices for using Pictorem canvas print services and noticed they are somewhat higher than the other canvas print services. The higher cost helps pay for protective features that increase the canvas prints’ durability, which helps justify the price. Another possible concern is that the editing wizard could use some improvement because some editing features slow the interface down too much.

Anyone who has very high standards for prints and is willing to spend more money will enjoy this service. However, we noticed the editing tools sometimes present a challenge when performing certain functions. Most users find this service beneficial for their needs.


  • They have very high-quality canvas prints.
  • They don’t have many negative reviews.
  • They have options that most other canvas sites don’t offer.


  • Some users claim prints can be inconsistent in quality.
  • Support need improvement as a few users has complained about delayed or no response.

Available At

Canvas Prints

Showing example of wall decor

Canvas Prints offers a range of canvas prints in photo collages, wall art display, and triptych options that look great on most walls. We noticed that uploading a photo is easy and allows you to choose their preferred size between 8″ x 8″ and 40″ x 46″ or select a suggested dimensions based on the photo resolution. Water-resistant inks in printing and higher-quality canvas material help make a difference in the prints produced for the better.

Although Canvas Prints has an express shipping option, it is not always as efficient as expected. One thing we didn’t like is the interface is not as user-friendly as some people might prefer and are sometimes somewhat frustrating. One of the most common concerns about user-friendliness was difficulty locating previous canvas print orders previously placed on the website, which may require a little more searching than anticipated to find something that should be accessible.

Overall, we found find Canvas Prints a versatile choice with different sizes and high-quality prints. However, there are navigation issues that impact the site’s user-friendliness. Customers enjoy satisfactory prints but often experience frustration during the ordering process.


  • Canvas prints use water-resistant ink for the best quality
  • Flexibility in canvas sizes
  • The styles are perfect for living room area


  • The interface could use some improvements
  • Ordering is a process that could be a little smoother

Available At:

Easy Canvas Prints

Easy Canvas Prints offers some of the most popular canvas print designs, including extra-large and collage canvas prints. With canvas dimensions ranging from 8″ x 8″ to 30″ x 40″, users can get the perfect sizes they require. Custom canvas print framing options provide ideal accents for any canvas size with frames in the material and color of your choice.

A sawtooth on the back of each canvas print makes these easy to hang immediately. You will never have to worry about hanging kits designed for other types of wall art again. These prints will easily hang on any wall because of this sawtooth.

Some customers had issues with their canvas prints not being the expected quality to be displayed on a wall. The refund policy, which in some cases involves only a partial refund, was not acceptable to some individuals in the light of the company’s satisfaction guarantee and warranty. Some individuals also had problems with the speed of answering emails.

Overall, Easy Canvas Prints offers flexibility in ordering canvas prints. Although there are a few complaints associated with this service, they are relatively few. Individuals who want access to custom prints in various dimensions that are display-ready will not go wrong with this provider.


  • Custom sizes canvas prints are available for usual sizes
  • Custom framing is available that matches the print size perfectly
  • Each canvas print arrives ready to hang without additional hardware


  • Customer service and guarantees are sometimes lacking, especially with refunds

Available At:

Canvas Champ

Canvas Champ offers prints ranging from 5″ x 7″ to 18″ x 24″ in various configuration that are a perfect gift. Some of the unique canvas print designs include split, hexagon, lyrics printed on canvas, and mounted floating canvas prints. Each canvas print is made of high-quality materials, and free shipping is available for any order over $69.

Some may experience difficulties with the interface depending on the size of the chosen canvas print, making placing their orders harder. Another concern is the relative difficulty of paying with a credit card instead of PayPal. The quality of the customer service is somewhat uneven, despite the overall quality of the products available.

Customers using Canvas Champ have been satisfied with the range of printed gift options available. However, some of the difficulties customers have encountered are significant enough to impact overall satisfaction. Anyone who is looking for canvas prints that fit certain specifications, such as split styles, will want to consider using Canvas Champ.

With that being said, lately, it seems that some users seem to be having problems with the quality of their prints. Here are some reviews from their BBB (Better Business Bureau) Listing:

From our research we found they have about 43 complaints on the BBB’s website. We also checked Facebook and while some users were happy, the end result seems to be the same. Quite a few were disappointed at the service:
Example of damaged canvas wall art.


  • Available in multiple canvases, sizes, and styles, including shapes like hexagons
  • Cheaper the most sites.
  • Free shipping is available on orders over $69 every day


  • A somewhat tricky interface for photos in certain sizes
  • Poor customer service experiences in some cases, including resolving interface issues.
  • Has an F rating with the BBB with 43 total complaints.
  • Lately, more users have been complaining about the quality being poor.
  • Several users have complained about poor customer service.

Available At:

Helpful Tips for Selecting a Service

When looking for the best canvas print service, one of the things that help make the choice easier is understanding how these prints work. These prints involve creating an image from a photo using an inkjet printer. The best canvas print providers stretch the finished printed canvas over wooden frames, finally securing them with staples.

Most of the best canvas prints are larger, although smaller options are also possible. The flexibility is one of the things that makes canvas prints an exceptional choice. Being able to print your favorite photos in different shapes is another advantage.

All of the best canvas print services have ways of uploading and editing your photos online. However, all of the services have different services and flexibility ranges, making your choice important. Selecting the best canvas print service for your needs increases the chances of satisfactory prints.

Where the Print is Displayed

The location where you hang the canvas print is one of the more critical considerations. For example, a canvas print with an imposing landscape set a different tone from a shot from a relaxing family vacation. Where you hang your canvas print may also determine how you choose to accent the print. A wooden frame looks excellent for a canvas print in a room with more classic furniture, while a metal frame looks great in rooms with more modern decor.

The location you hang your canvas may also influence whether you opt for more than one canvas print. For example, you can use large photos or split or triptych designs more easily in large spaces. Canvas photo prints are some of the most versatile kinds of artwork available. You can easily use photos capturing your favorite memories as keepsake artwork.

Another factor that may influence where someone displays a print is if the art is a gift. When people receive artwork as a gift, they are likely to show the work somewhere that allows as many people to see it as possible. Any canvas print presented as a gift should ideally be of the highest quality.

The Print’s Purpose

Different types of prints will have different effects, with how you display the photos playing a leading role. For example, placing canvas photo prints featuring family members and pets on shelves or bookcases adds a touch of intimacy. Larger prints with landscapes often look amazing for wall art, and prints organized in groups are perfect for showcasing pictures from beloved family trips or events. Adding images to any room provides a greater sense of atmosphere.

Canvas photo prints are great for family photos galleries. Examples of picture galleries include memorial wall art or displays that highlight children’s achievements. These types of prints may consist of added inscriptions or visual effects, such as having the photos printed to resemble paintings.

Photo galleries give every room a touch of personality that is seldom accomplished with single prints. One of the most significant advantages of arranging photos in a gallery is that the individual works of wall art, grouped together, help tell a story. Regardless of what else is in the room for art, the prints will help add more creative flair.

The variations of designs and formats is extensive, with single gallery wrapped canvas prints being one of the best canvas prints styles & most popular formats. Another popular type of style is collage, perfect for blending multiple photos, such as scenes from a wedding, into a single piece of art. Having a choice of format types helps make the canvas prints as unique as possible.

Each canvas print service offers the choice of printing in different orientations, each of which provides a unique perspective. Square prints and portrait orientations gallery wrapped canvas prints are ideal for photo galleries, notably featuring family pictures. Landscape and panoramic orientations are excellent for prints displayed in larger rooms or areas.

Contacting the canvas print company before placing the order is a good idea for anyone who is unsure of which style or format to choose. Every customer has different requirements, and no single solution fits everyone. Knowing the ideal style and design increases the chances of a satisfactory experience.

Canvas and Image Quality

Quality canvas material has a more significant impact than many realize, with matte and gloss offering two different types of experiences. Matte has an appearance that minimizes the effects of certain types of lighting that otherwise cause too much shine. Because this surface is primarily uniform, more people prefer matte to glossy canvas.

Although many prefer the gloss canvas’s shiny look, the surface is sometimes too shiny in bright lighting. Sometimes, this finish also causes color distortion. Choosing matte for the wrong kind of image may result in unsatisfactory artwork.

Photo quality is of the most significant importance when purchasing custom canvas prints. The photo resolution makes a difference in keeping the picture from becoming too pixelated. Uploading an photo to use without knowing how the photo will print with the current resolution is a step best avoided.

A good canvas print service will know how to guide you in dealing with such issues. The customer service staff should know whether an image will print well and look good. An outcome that you should hope for is having access to viable alternatives if their image does not print true to size.

Finishing Options

The finishing details play a significant impact on the overall quality. One example is the folding method, which should not leave any visible folds. Rolled canvas also requires careful rolling to prevent any creases that might impact the image’s quality.

Strong staples will help keep the canvas from shifting when mounted on wood. However, the staples should not be where they will negatively impact the print’s overall appearance. Felt pads used for mounting also have to be in a subtle location.

Although many photo canvas prints look great without a frame, the correct type of frame for the image can make a substantial impact. Ideally, a frame should help accentuate the print’s quality. Using a frame that overpowers the image is something that you will want to avoid.

Shipping and Delivery Options

Canvas prints take longer to produce than other photo products, which affects the shipping and delivery times. The company’s size plays a significant role, with many of the largest services offering turnaround times within days. During times with higher demand, such as holidays, the process might take weeks instead of days, making early ordering essential.

Other factors possibly influencing shipping and delivery times include the format and additional options like framing. The best canvas print providers will usually be able to provide projected turnaround times accurately. However, individuals concerned about the printing time will likely want to check with the service’s customer support staff before placing the order.

Wrapping Up

Canvas prints are one of the most versatile wall art to decorate your home. One of the best things about these is that the designs available offer flexibility. Regardless of whether your requirements include single photo prints, collage canvas prints, or multiple photos, there are many options avilable.

If you are creating a canvas print as a gift or commemorating a special occasion, there is an abundance of options you can choose, including personalizing your print image with text. The range of designs and formats make it simple for you to purchase the exact prints you want.

Also, don’t forget to check out these amazing digital photo frames if you want to show recent family photos!