Best iPhone Tripods of 2022

It is true that the best camera phones are constantly improving and can accomplish things that the first iPhone owners could only imagine.

How to choose a tripod for your iPhone

However, some capabilities are based on the hardware itself. When selecting a tripod for your iPhone, look for ease of use, portability, and durability.

Ease of Use: A tripod’s ease of use and convenience are important features. Note how long it takes to fully extend the tripod from fully compacted, making sure not to miss any trouble spots. Compare each tripod’s versatility, including whether selfie sticks can become tripods or if the tripods can stand alone. If the telescoping and latching mechanisms do not operate smoothly, the tripod can be difficult to use.

Portability: Check the weight, packed size, and weight, as well as if they include any bags or carrying cases to make traveling easier. One of the lightest tripods tips the scales at just over 1.5 ounces. Tripods ranging from 1.5 ounces to 7.5 ounces can easily fit in a purse, large pocket, or bag. However, some tripods that weigh a bit more are still portable, thanks to convenient carrying cases.

Stability: Protecting your devices requires a tripod that is stable at different heights. It would be helpful to know how much force it would take to knock them over and whether they’re sturdy enough for an expensive device. A tripod should be stable and compatible enough to use, as long as the legs are adjusted properly. If you do not set the legs far enough apart, a tripod can topple, so be careful if you intend to use it with an expensive camera.

Durability: Durability is a huge part of the makeup of a tripod, which consists of the material and the design. Tripods are made of a mix of plastic and metal construction. In tests, these tripods had fewer wear and tear issues due to metal components in high-stress areas.

However, some manufacturers employ lower-quality components, like plastic. Despite passing durability tests, they may break or wear out more quickly than other products. The plastics in these products tend to break more easily, and dropping or knocking them over might result in their demise.

Now, you know what to look for on an iPhone tripod; think about how you will use it. If you want to take great vacation photos, you will need something compact, small, and easy to pack. Those who insist on inserting themselves into every shot should opt for an iPhone tripod that can serve as a selfie stick. When taking photos from uneven surfaces or strange angles, getting an iPhone tripod with flexible legs is a good idea. Your imagination is the only limit. So, review the below list of best iPhone tripods and choose the tripod that is right for you.

10 Top iPhone Tripods

1. DSLR Camera Tripod Monopod

Looking for a tripod that can bring the beauty of the outdoors indoors? DSLR Camera Tripod Monopod can do just that. It has a ball head that can rotate 360 degrees, which allows the camera to cover a larger area when taking panoramic photos. With a carrying bag, it is portable and weighs 3.73 lbs with the ball head. Photographers of all ages will love the portable design with a retractable, removable bipod. This tripod folds down to a height of 18.4 inches. This tripod is perfect for indoor and outdoor photography. You can use the tripod as either a camera monopod or hiking alpenstock.

Stable: The tripod features a 25mm magnesium-aluminum alloy tube with a load capacity of 22.05lbs (10kg). It provides excellent stability and security for your camera with its metal twist lock and die-cast head.
Portable: The tripod is detachable, making it more convenient to carry.
Flexible: The ball head can rotate 360 degrees, expanding the camera’s field of view.


-Great for indoor and outdoor photography
-Sturdy construction
-Lightweight design
-360-degree panoramic shooting


-Awaiting Reviews

2. Joby GorillaPod Mobile Mini

Image Credit: © @N3T1O/CC BY 2.0

Taking great pictures on the go has never been easier with the Joby GripTight ONE GP Magnetic Impulse tripod. The GripTight ONE is a portable, lightweight tripod for smartphone photography and video. It is an updated version of the original GorillaPod. With the combination of the GripTight mount and tripod with a ball head, you can take pictures at creative and unusual angles with your smartphone. The spring load mount allows users to attach and detach the smartphone quickly and easily. It requires no screws or wrenches. The tripod features a horizontal arm, instant grip phone mount, and a versatile 5-way leg design. It is compatible both with and without a case and offers a dual camera, Bluetooth remote control, and six flexible legs. The tripod legs are flexible, and they wrap around objects for support.


Compact and portable: When folded, the device can easily fit into a camera bag, large pocket, or purse.
Magnetic Feature: This tripod is magnetic, which provides extra stability on tables, floor surfaces, and outdoor services like gravel, pavement, and cement. When you snap some brilliant pictures, the iPhone stays in place.
Wireless remote: Nothing is more frustrating than having to reach awkwardly to start a video with one’s finger. With the remote, you can start videos or take photos from a camera set up remotely.


-Small and compact
-Sturdy on outdoor services
-Wireless remote
-Spring load mount


-Sits low to the surface
-Cannot extend legs vertically
-Limits head pivoting

3. Manfrotto Pixi Mini Tripod

Image Credit: © Tom Antos/CC BY 3.0

If spontaneity is your thing, the PIXI Mini is the tripod for you. It is lightweight, and it is easy to use and carry. It is a great accessory for the outdoor adventurer or the vlogger. The tripod has a sturdy construction and secure base with a comfortable handle for any situation. With the clamp, you can prevent your camera from getting damaged while in your bag. The tripod also comes equipped with a handgrip that helps to steady the camera. The no-nonsense yet functional design has won the hearts of many, and at around 20 bucks, it’s an excellent addition to any gear collection.


Flexible: It features a universal clamp with multiple thread attachments compatible with most smartphones today.
Ease of use: The tripod lets you rotate the ball head easily, and you can lock it in place by releasing a button. Ball sockets are incredibly strong and will support even the heaviest smartphones with no problem.
Built Tough: Featuring high-density polymer material and aluminum construction, the PIXI Mini Tripod is ideal for use with entry-level DSLRs.
Comfortable and Stable: Although flexible tripods are versatile, rigid, fixed-length mini tripods offer a simple, quick solution for stabilizing your shot. In the collapsed position, the Manfrotto Pixi legs provide a comfortable grip for holding a smartphone at arm’s length for vlogging or taking personal photos.


-Flexible head
-Great for shots in the field
-Sturdy construction


-Lack of height adjustment
-Limited range of motion of the ball head

4. Joby GorillaPod Mobile Vlogging Kit

If you are looking for a tripod to shoot videos, the Joby GorillaPod promises to deliver everything from handheld videography to live music.
Vloggers, Professional iPhonographers, or community managers know the importance of using quality equipment. The GorillaPod tripod features durable, flexible, and innovative gear for a variety of situations and can be used for everything from simple handheld shooting to digging into specialized subjects. Mobile content creators are the target market for this tripod. You can choose between landscape and portrait orientations to suit any need, including live streaming and photography. This is the perfect kit for those looking for mobility and a more compact, affordable kit. You can use this tripod to create content from YouTube to Tik Tok.

Versatile: The iPhone tripod kit makes the transition from amateur to professional easy due to its versatility. Legs can be used as a selfie stick, tripod, or even a selfie stick, and the mount lets you attach a light or microphone to the kit. If you want to connect accessories to the top of the tripod, the mount can be removed.
Stable: The Joby GorillaPod tripod can hold your phone on any surface or at any angle with its flexible legs. Its flexible design makes it even more stable than its competitors since it can wrap around most objects.


-Great for vloggers and content writers
-Sturdy construction
-Flexible built-in
-Portable and lightweight


-Limited maximum height

5. Adonit Photogrip

Image Credit: © Adonit PhotoGrip/CC BY 3.0

Want to take beautiful photos with precision every time? With Adonit Photogrip, you do not have to struggle with cumbersome tablets or computers. Adonit tripods have a sturdy grip that makes it easier to hold your phone while taking a photo. It is not only one of the best tripods, but it is also a multifunctional device that is indispensable. This tripod is an excellent choice if you are looking for an affordable tripod with many features. It has an ergonomic design, a nonslip finish, and a comfortable grip. With its grip design, you can take steadier shots with your phone. It combines a camera grip, battery charger, photo stand, and remote control into one. The Adonit is ideal for streaming, video, or video calls. Take photos using the Bluetooth shutter remote and stay charged with the wireless charger. When attached to the tripod’s legs, the tripod can be used as a stand-alone for taking portrait or landscape photographs.


iPhone Clamp: The clamp is easy to use. Simply rotate the smartphone clamp to tighten. Once it is in position, you can use the detachable BlueTooth remote shutter to control it easily from up to ten meters away.
Batteries: You will not need to worry about the tripod’s battery draining midstream, as it is equipped with a wireless charger. Activating it does not interfere with your videos by pressing a button.
Carry Case and Strap: The tripod includes a carrying case, USB Type-C, neck strap, and user manual.


-Standalone base
-Wireless charging
-Bluetooth shutter remote
-Battery capacity


-Some have found the shutter button is not reliable.
-Problems with balance on large phones

6. SmallRig Tabletop Mini Tripod

On the prowl for a new tripod to use with your iPhone? Look no further than the SmallRig Tabletop Mini Tripod. The Universal tripod is lightweight, and it can support smartphones, cameras, and compact DSLRs. The leg angle is adjustable in three positions, allowing for flexible shooting, ideal for multi-shot panoramas. It supports handheld shooting, and fits easily into a backpack or purse, and is compatible with macro lenses.


High Stability: When using the tripod on soft surfaces, the tripod’s rubber feet prevent it from sliding. Despite its lightweight design, the aluminum alloy tripod can bear up to 44 lbs on the legs and 4.4 lbs on the ball head.
Upgraded Design: The tripod’s ball head has been laser-engraved in 5° increments from 0° to 330° for tracking progressive panning. In just seconds, the ball head can switch from vertical to horizontal shooting, and it can hold up to 20kg, while the ball head itself can hold 2kg.
Sturdy Clamp: This mini tripod comes with a clamp for Arca-Swiss and a plate for quick release and mounting. The plate is rubber padded to prevent scratches on the camera.


-Sturdy and secure
-Provides 360° panoramic rotation, allowing both horizontal and vertical shooting


-Standing is only possible when the leg is at 130 degrees

7. Joby GripTight ONE Micro Tripod

Image Credit: © slrclubreview/CC BY 3.0

Do you love taking pictures and recording videos on the go? Then the Joby GripTight ONE Micro Stand can make your travel easier. The Micro Stand is lightweight and easy to set up. With wireless charging capabilities, you can perform a range of vertical tricks, such as snapping selfies and capturing videos on the go. It has rugged legs that can keep your expensive phone propped up and in place, even when you’re on the go. The high-quality stand with an aluminum ball head can take abuse.
The stand is a compact design that can easily be packed away and set up. If you want an ultralight tripod, this is a good choice.


Portable: Lightweight design fits and folds perfectly in your pocket and can attach to any key ring or camera bag.
Versatile: Works with any smartphone, case or no case, quick and easy access to a phone with spring-loaded grip. Aluminum mini-ball head provides precision composition control.


-Lightweight and Portable
-Easy to use and carry
-High-quality stand with an aluminum ball head
-Can take abuse


-Limited in features
-Short stature limits shooting
-Can not hold a DSLR

8. Joby StandPoint Phone Tripod

Looking for a new way to carry your iPhone with you everywhere you go? With the Joby Standpoint phone case, you can remove the obstacle of using traditional glass screen protectors on your iPhone. Joby Standpoint comes with all the features you need to take it with you wherever you go. The tripod has aluminum legs that are foldable, with adjustable legs for different shooting angles. It is ideal for video chatting, smartphone photography, watching content, live streaming, and videography. Lanyard included for easy carrying.


Stable: Rubberized leg ends provide stability when standing. A protective bumper case helps enhance grip and prevents damage from scratches and impacts.
Compatible: Designed to work with most wireless charging pads. To use, unfold the legs and place them on the pad. The built-in cold shoe accepts the JOBY Wavo microphone for optimal content production.


-Wireless recharging
-Can remove traditional screen protectors


-Some find rubber feet lacking
-Legs can become loose

9. Joby GripTight Gorillapod Stand PRO

Looking for a lifetime all-in-one solution for an easy and seamless photography experience. Then the Joby GripTight Gorillapod Stand is just what you need. It features a powerful grippy, lightweight stand technology and strong clamp that secures your mobile device. It comes with multiple parts that connects quickly. The symmetrical two-part stand kit comes with a tripod and mounts for easy set up. It is the easiest and most convenient product to carry, assemble, and shoot. Whether you are looking for great flexibility, stability, or both, this product is ideal for all your photography needs.


Compatible: Designed to fit any smartphone model, whether or not it has a case.
Versatile: Adjustable tilt angle to reduce glare.
Durable: The rubber grips, stainless steel plates, and ABS plastic make this a premium, sturdy product.
Stable: A secure grip lets you capture videos, images or enjoy media on your smartphone.


-Sturdy grip
-Easy to carry
-Tall tripod


-Some find the leg wobbly
-Cannot hold DSLR

10. Shoulderpod S2

With this handy accessory, you no longer have to choose between taking a picture, showing your latest social media update, or scrolling through emails. The Shoulderpod S2 doubles as a tripod mount and handle grip for easy and steady handheld shots. Made of durable aluminum, it is more useful than its predecessor. With this grip, you can use it as a handle grip, tripod, and even a stand.


Stable: The tripod mounts your iPhone with a professional grip that’s fully adjustable to fit any phone. It also features rubberized pads and a thumbscrew for extra security.
Compatible: Universal tripod connection


-Sturdy mount
-Rubberized pads for extra security
-Universal connection


-Some think it is overpriced


The tripods above provide you with a complete set of tools. There are tripods that can be used as a monopod, stand-alone and selfie stick. There are lightweight, flexible, portable, heavy-duty tripods, and more listed above. You only need imagination and a great idea for your next content.