Best Performing Digital Photo Frames

Digital photo frames do more than display images. These frames brighten your favorite images by adding vivid colors and enhancing the details. Most of them are easy to set up and access.

When updating a library, some digital picture frames allow you to add videos and music or even a calendar together with your favorite images.

To make your work easier, some frames work with your favorite photo storage services, such as Facebook, Google Photos, Dropbox, and Instagram among others. As such, you never need a USB drive when you need to update a library. With a good digital photo frame, you can have a wonderful digital photo book. Below are some of the best digital photo frames for you.

The selection below is the best digital photo frames based on their features and integration and the clarity of their displays.

Best Digital Photo Frames Based on Our Test!

Digital Photo Frame
Screen SizeResolutionMotion SensorAudio SupportVideo SupportPriceSD Card SupportUSB Port
PT Digital Photo Frame10.1 inches1280 x 800YesYesYes$150YesYes
Skylight Photo Frame10 inches1280 x 800NoNoNo$159YesYes
Nixplay 10.1 Inch Smart Frame10.1 inches1280 x 800YesYesYes$149NoNo

PT Digital Photo Frame

The PT Digital Photo Frame is one of the best digital photo frames out of the 3. It offers several input methods, like the Skylight Frame below, and also allows several pictures, videos, and audio formats. Unlike most of the other photo frames in its class, you do not have to subscribe to any plan to access the advanced features, such as videos and audio.

Once you set up the frame, you will have access to a clock, touch screen, video playback, MP3, and Wi-Fi connection. Everything is easy to use from the mobile application to the frame and the remote. You can start using the frame in a few seconds, which makes it a great choice for seniors or anyone who needs an easy-to-use option.

You can set this digital frame on your work desk, kitchen counter, on the wall, or place it on a coffee table. It is a versatile frame that displays high-res photos and plays extended hi-def videos.

The PT Digital Photo Frame Design

The PT Digital Photo Frame has a 10.1-inch screen, which is the standard size for most of the best digital picture frames currently available. You can see this size from anywhere in your room. It sports a plastic construction, but you can also go for the optional wooden material. Both the wooden and plastic frames are strong enough to withstand impact from a fall. You can pick between the standard white or black colors, or you can pick from a variety of other optional colors. With these additional colors, you can pick a frame that matches another décor in your home.

The unit is lightweight, making it one of the best digital picture frames to mount anywhere without the worry that it will fall and break. It can stand on itself on a desk or be mounted anywhere you want. However you hang it, the digital frame provides crisp clear pictures and videos, thanks to a wide viewing angle.

It is not a design frame, but it looks simple enough, so it doesn’t interfere with your viewing. You can customize the display with the multiple options available. Use the mobile application or the remote control and set the display as you need.

Besides updating your library from the mobile application, you can use the ports provided.

Image Quality

Like the two other digital photo frames in this review, the PT Digital Photo Frame provides a resolution that users will love. This is not the best resolution, but it is what most digital photo frames offer. The aspect ratio makes landscape images look appealing. If you want to see portraits, rotate the screen into portrait orientation. The frame couples with a 180-degree viewing angle, allowing you to view the picture from any angle in your room.

The manufacturer fitted the frame with a G Sensor that allows the photos to change direction based on the orientation of the screen. When you change the direction of the screen, the image automatically changes. Better still, the frame detects orientation based on gravity, so your pictures can change to be upright for the best views. With the gravity sensor, you can show portraits correctly for the best colors and clarity of details.

The digital photo frame is highly energy-efficient. You can leave it on 24/7, and it will not have any significant effects on your utility bills. The LED lights are very bright, and they bring out the best of the images you post. You can alter the color, contrast, and brightness for the best views. You also have the ability to control the time frame the image stays on the screen.

One of the strengths of the frame is that it supports several formats. Almost all videos and images will show. Those that won’t show will first need to convert before you send them. The mobile application will convert the images before sending them to the frame.

The App

You can do most task via the PT Digital Photo Frame mobile application. The app only works on Android devices, which is a challenge for those on iOS. However, there is an available cloud app that is compatible with all other devices, including a PC to send images to your frame. You can expand the storage of the unit with physical storage devices thanks to the SD card and USB drive ports. If you have more pictures and other content to play and store, expand the storage up to 32 GB.

From the mobile application, you can customize your display, adjust the brightness, contrast, time, and so many other parameters. When done right, the images on the screen should be appealing, and you can leave it on all day.

Other Features

The screen is highly advanced, almost like what you get with an iPad. You can flip through the photos or videos very fast quickly. The remote makes it even easier for you to make the customized setup that you want for your picture frame.

The two 2-watt speakers do not give the loudest sound, but they are ideal for your entertainment. In a small room, you can clearly hear the speakers as the video plays. The motion sensor is optional; you will have to pay more for them. When available, these motion sensors switch the frame on and off, allowing you to save on power. You can shut off the motion sensors and program your own on/off schedule.

You have the ability to set a slideshow, preview, and photo rotation. You can alter the settings of each of these displays to be what you want.

This digital frame is heavier than other frames at 0.96 KGS. However, it has the functions you need to mount it on the wall or place it on a desk or any other surface. The frame supports multiple languages. Just choose the language you want to get started.

You can use the frame in different modes. When you do not want to show pictures and play videos, set it on calendar mode. In this mode, it will show a calendar on one side and a photo on the other. You can also set it on weather station mode where the screen shows the weather and a small photo on one part of the screen. You can send files to your digital photo frame from an email address or from the mobile application. The mobile application allows you to send multiple pictures. Both methods do not affect the quality of the pictures you send over to the frame.

What Needs Improvement?

The PT Digital Photo Frame may need to advance with the other digital photo frames. It has a host of features, but it doesn’t have the voice assistant feature as in the nixplay smart photo frame below. Although this feature is not a necessity, it provides so much convenience to customers. Other than that, the frame provides more features than its competitors.


  • Easy to use
  • Multiple photos and video input methods
  • Advanced display with wide viewing angle
  • Adjusts the photo direction and orientation when you move the screen
  • High-quality wood and plastic construction
  • Supports videos, audios, and pictures in multiple formats
  • Offered in different languages
  • Best digital photo frame for performance
  • Best digital photo frame for overall features


  • Most of the advanced functions are optional, and you may need to pay more for them
  • It is a little heavier than other digital picture frames

Is PT Digital Photo Frame any Good?

The PT Digital Photo Frame costs the same as most of the others on the market today. However, it gives you more features and more customizability. There is so much more that you can do with the frame besides sending digital photos. This digital photo frame uses a high-end screen similar to your smartphone, which makes it easier to use and makes the screen crisper than what most others offer. Its wide viewing angle, the fast processor, the wide variety of file formats it accommodates, and the many choices of colors make it an ideal unit for all homeowners with memories to cherish.

Skylight Frame

Skylight Frame display photos and works with google photos and other services.

Skylight Frame is a Wi-Fi-enabled digital photo frame. At 10 inches, it is just the right size – it is not too big and neither is it too small. It is about the same size as the current iPad, which is about 10.9 inches. The frame is different in several ways. You only need to email pictures to it, and it will automatically show up and flip through them all day.

The touch screen display and the fact that it runs on Wi-Fi make it easy to use. The touch screen makes it uber-easy for you to control while the Wi-Fi connection ensures you never have to bring a USB drive or SD card.

How to Use the Skylight Frame

Using this digital picture frame is as easy as emailing a photo. This way, anyone can update your frame’s library as long as they have access to your account, and have your permission. The process takes only a few seconds as long as you have the frame connected to Wi-Fi which makes it one of the best digital photo frames for this reason.

To get started, connect the frame to Wi-Fi and create an account. Add the frame by adding the activation code displayed on the frame to the account. The account setup process is a bit time-consuming, but the website takes you through the entire process very fast.

You will need to make a unique email address, which you’ll use to upload images to the frame. It will be something like After creating it, you can send a photo immediately, and it will appear on the frame. You can opt to allow anyone to update your frame, or you can restrict the emails that post on your frame. It is better to restrict the emails that post. Besides this, you can use the smartphone application to update the library. If you are a user with a “Plus subscription”, you can add captions and other media to your digital photo frame.

When using the mobile application, you can upload multiple pictures to the digital picture frame. Either way, the resolution of the pictures is retained for the display on your frame.

Frame Design

This digital picture frame sports a touchscreen. The screen looks sleek. It is not too big for a 10-inch screen and neither is it too thin. You can hang it on the wall but ensure the screen is at eye level for the best views.

The screen’s resolution is clear enough for the best quality of pictures. After setup, it takes only a few seconds to start showing your pictures. There are speakers to play audio & video for users on the Plus plan. The only thing it lacks is a battery – so, you’ll have to keep it plugged in. This shouldn’t be a big issue as only a few digital picture frames have a built-in battery.

Photo Quality

Like most digital picture frames, this frame shows high-res pictures. The quality of your pictures does not change when you upload them via a unique email or smartphone app. As such, if you have high-res pictures on your photo storage platforms, they will be the same quality on your frame.

Landscape photos will look better on the digital picture frame as they get a natural 16:9 aspect ratio. This ratio looks amazing on the one-inch screen. If you have portraits from your phone or square photos from an app, such as Instagram, the frame adds a blurred background that enhances your photos. After updating a photo, you can zoom in to display only the specific part you need. Zooming in on the touchscreen is the same as you do on your smartphone. Pinch out until the part you need is in view and the next time the photo appears, the frame will remember how you zoomed in.

At 1280 x 800, the resolution is sharp enough for a digital picture frame. Although there are others that can show digital photos with a higher resolution, this Digital Picture Frame still works great. You can adjust the lighting and a variety of other factors to make your photos appear correctly. As long as the photos that are uploaded to the picture frame are high quality, you will always get high-quality photos on the screen.

Other Features

One cool feature is the “Love” or “Heart” feature. This is a simple button that allows you to add love or add a heart icon to photos that other people sent to you. When you love a photo, the person who sent it will receive an email notification.

If you buy the digital picture frame as a gift, the receiver can utalize the love feature to acknowledge whenever they receive photos. This feature comes in handy for grandparents who use the frame for photos of their grandkids. The process is simple, just hit the heart button, and you have already loved a photo.

Another feature is the update reminder. This is an alert that comes on when you do not update your library in a long time. The digital picture frame continues showing the old photos but monitors the flow of new ones. If new ones are uploaded, you can see them on the “New Photos” tab. Whenever there are new photos, you will get an alert, and you can view them before they join the rotation.

If you want to have more photos than the digital picture frame can store, you can add an SD card or USB drive in the ports provided. The default storage can hold more than 8,000 high-quality photos, which you can increase with portable storage devices.

The screen is just the right size for a work desk, a coffee table, a mantel, or even the kitchen counter. It is an ideal unit for anyone who is are far away from their family and want to keep seeing them or anyone who want to relish their memories on a frame.

The frame is beautiful and will make an impression on you and your loved ones. The manufacturer provides a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, and you can have a refund if you do not like the frame.

What May Need Improvement?

This Digital Picture Frame is one of the best digital photo frames for anyone who needs simplicity. It would be a great gift for grandparents who only need to keep track of their grandkids who live far away. However, what we found through our testing is that it doesn’t have enough settings and controls if you want a customized experience. It gives you a host of ways to add photos to it, but the SD card option will more than likely give you challenges.

We found that the frame lacks advanced sensors that turn it on or off automatically. With this Digital Picture Frame, you have to turn it off manually before you go to sleep or it will run 24/7.

From the menu, you can reset your system’s Wi-Fi and adjust other settings. However, it lacks the contrast and slideshow settings that you will see on other frames in its category. Once the slideshow runs, you are stuck with that speed. However, it allows you to skip an image while doing the slideshow.

Photos look awesome at eye level. However, if you hang the frame on a wall above your eye level, the screen may not be clear. The images may turn color negative when your eye level and the screen do not align on the X-axis.

One other thing you may not like is that we noticed the heart icon stays on your photos whether you like the photos or you don’t. It may not bother you, but some individuals may have a problem seeing that icon at the corner of the screen. Again, you will not receive an email when you like your own photos.

While the photo frame has a speaker, it still doesn’t support video with 1 caveat. Video is a feature only reserved for “Plus subscription” users. The company says that they will be able to offer videos for all users in the future, but there is no telling when that future will be.


  • Simple and intuitive.
  • Several ways to update your library
  • Large screen with high resolution
  • Updates fast, within 60 seconds, after receiving an email with a photo
  • Acknowledges receipt of photos via the heart feature
  • Best digital photo frame for social use.


  • Limited settings for customization
  • Do not play videos without paying a quarterly fee of $14.97
  • Does not automatically switch on and off

Available At:

Skylight Frame (Offical Website)

Is The Skylight Digital Picture Frame any Good?

Yes, this digital picture frame is one of the best digital photo frames for anyone who needs simplicity and affordability. There are some, such as the Google Nest Home Hub, that can do more than show pictures. They can act as voice assistants, allowing you to control lights and much more. However, they are pretty costly, and they are much more complicated to use, especially for seniors.

For $159, you have the frame to use for life. However, you can buy the Plus subscription for $129 and pay $39 per year for better features. If you have the Plus plan, you will have more functions. You can adjust the speed of the slide show from five seconds to 240 seconds. Wi-Fi is needed to set up the frame and to receive new photos, but after that, the frame will run even when the Wi-Fi is off.

Nixplay 10.1-Inch Smart Digital Wi-Fi-Enabled Photo Frame

Nixplay frame that works with google photos as well as other services.

Nixplay has a host of smart digital photo frames. The difference between most of these is the size and the resolution, but they all offer amazing color and details for all your photos. Their 10.1-inch digital photo frame brings a widescreen aspect ratio.

You can use the frame to display photos and videos in a customized playlist or set them up as a slideshow with amazing transitions. Whether you set up the device in portrait or landscape, the frame makes your photos look great. Everything displayed on the screen is clear, whether you hang the frame or you place it on a desk. Here are the details you need before you buy this frame.

The Nixplay Design

The Nixplay 10.1-Inch Smart Digital Photo Frame is available in a black or wood finish. The colors are easy on your eyes and do not affect the photo. It is not the best design, but its simplicity helps it blend into your home’s décor. Further, the frame is light enough to hang anywhere without you worrying that it will fall.

The frame is free-standing, so you can have it sit on your desk with so much ease. The compact nature means you can place it on your kitchen counter, work desk, coffee table, or anywhere else you please. If you want to hang it on a wall, remove a small cover at the back and re-attach the cord. Whether the device is at eye level, above, or below, your photos will still look appealing.

The unit comes with a remote, which adheres to the back of the frame when not in use. This makes adjusting things easy as you can do it from the comfort of your couch. It is highly responsive, and you can use it with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

At the back, the frame sports thick gooseneck support, which allows it to stand upright on all surfaces and at different angles. There is a sensor that turns the device on and off automatically in the presence of a person. However, you can shut off the feature or set your own on/off schedule within the menu.

Although the unit is smart, it doesn’t have a touch screen as is common with several other frames. However, you can connect it to Wi-Fi and upload your media directly to the frame via Wi-Fi. It also doesn’t have USB and SD slots, which means you cannot add the photo storage capacity of the frame, and neither can you add them from an external device.

Image Quality

The Nixplay 10.1-Inch Smart Digital Photo Frame has a high definition resolution. This is the same as what several other digital frames have. Although through our testing the resolution is not the best, it still gives you excellent image quality. When you consider the wide viewing angle, the frame has a great bright and clean display. You can look at it from just about anywhere in your room.

Media also play well. However, a video can only run for 15 seconds unless you have a paid plan to make it longer. Its two 2-watt speakers are not loud but will meet your entertainment needs.

The photos you update on the frame go to the cloud, allowing you to control them with ease wherever you go. An app accompanies this frame – you will upload pictures to the frame library through this iOS or Android App. Using the mobile application, you can connect to the frame from anywhere in the world. Anyone who connects to the frame using the smartphone app can send photos and videos to you. As the owner, you can choose who you give access to the frame. You will need to invite family members and once they join, they can upload photos directly to your Nixplay frame.

You can connect your Nixplay App to Facebook, Google Photos, Flickr, Dropbox, and Instagram. Everything about the frame makes it consumer-friendly. There are several ways to customize your frame display. There are multiple ways to set your photos and videos with several image styles, transitions, intervals, and much more. Unlike the Skylight Frame above, the Nixplay 10.1-Inch Smart Digital Photo Frame allows you to set intervals of between five seconds and one hour.

Whenever you make a change on your display, it will show instantaneously as an alert on your screen. To start using the digital picture frame, you need to connect it to Wi-Fi. The frame doesn’t allow any physical input from a USB drive or SD card – all the photos come from the Nixplay app.

You can upload photos directly from your phone to the frame. However, we discovered photos from an iPhone have to first convert from their default format, HEIC, to JPEG before they can appear on the screen. The Nixplay app will convert them before sending them to the display. However, the conversion does not affect the quality of the images or the display. You can also send Apple’s Live Photos directly from your iPhone, and they will display as static images on the frame.

The Remote

The Nixplay remote is simple. It only has a few buttons to make it easy to use. Seniors will also find it easy to use as they do not have to walk up to the device or struggle with the smartphone app.

You can use it to control or do most of the things you can do on the app. Within the menu on your photo frame, you can scroll to the desired setting to get the display running. You can use the scrolling buttons to fast-forward the slideshow. Unlike the Skylight Frame above, Nixplay allows more options, including contrast and brightness, so your photos look better. The remote has a magnet – after use, stick it at the back of the frame so that you never lose it.

What May Need Improvement

The Nixplay 10.1-Inch Smart Digital Photo Frame offers several features, and it is easy to set up. You can customize it to your viewing needs. The app has a simple interface through which anyone can set up their digital photo frame. However, it lacks an SD card and USB slots for physical input. Although you may never need to load photos physically, the two ports come in handy when you need to expand the photo and video storage capacity of the device.

Most of the advanced functionality requires a quarterly fee of $14.97. Unless you just want a basic display for photos, seeing other types of media and using the voice assistant features will require you to spend more. You cannot upload photos from an email address, something that other frames allow. As such, anyone who wants to load your photo frame has to have the Nixplay app.


  • Best digital photo frame that allow images from social media
  • It integrates with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Wide viewing angle for a clear display
  • Can be controlled via a remote
  • Built-in wall mounting feature
  • Easy to set up


  • You need to subscribe in order to use advanced functions
  • Lacks USB and SD ports

Available At:


The nixplay smart photo frame offers a versatile way to display your family photos. It is available at $149, but without several of the advanced features. It is reasonably priced for all the features that it has. If you want more features and more storage, you will need to pay more. The free package allows you up to 10GB of storage, which can serve up to five frames. You can go for the Nixplay Plus subscription, which offers a host of other features for $50 a year or $14.95 every 3 months. This allows your videos to play for a minute. You will also get 10 connected frames, more photo storage, a longer warranty, and private grouped playlists. You may get Nixplay merchandise, including greeting cards, mugs, device cases, wall art, and prints among others when you subscribe to Nixplay Plus.

Digital Photo Frames – How We Perform Our Test

Digital frames are created differently. Here are a few factors we consider when testing a frame:


We test the storage options of each photo frame during our testing. Most of the older devices rely on physical storage, such as SD cards and USB drives, to update the library. Newer frames are different as they allow you to transfer media either via an email address, or you can use an app. Others allow you to upload images from social sites, such as Facebook and Instagram. Wherever you source the images to display, ensure that the digital photo frame has its own in-built storage. USB and SD ports are welcome additions to a digital photo frame.

We also test if they are Wi-Fi-enabled. With these, such as the PT Digital Photo Frame, you can access images directly from the cloud and upload them to your photo frame. You can upload these photos from an app or email them to the frame. This feature allows people from far-off places to upload photos directly to the display.

Motion Sensors

We test if the frames have motion sensors, although this is not a necessity, it is a convenient feature that helps you save power. The sensor detects when someone is in the room and turns on the screen. When there is no one in the room, the screen goes off. The Skylight Photo Frame doesn’t have these sensors, and you have to turn it on and off manually. PT Digital Photo Frame has an optional motion sensor, while the Nixplay frame has the sensor.

Even when the photo frame has a sensor, it should still allow you to set a sleep time. Setting your own schedule comes in handy in making more power savings. A good frame should have two options for ease of use.

Besides the time, pick a digital photo frame that offers great power savings with advanced energy-efficient LED backlights. This way, even if you leave the frame on 24/7, it will still not increase your utility bills.

Display Quality

We test the display quality of each frame. We look for a full HD screen. There are some that have 2K displays, Nixplay has such an option, but we are still far from 4K displays for digital photo frames. Again, ensure your digital frame has a higher resolution. If the resolution is so low, it means fewer pixels and the photos will not appear as bright as in the smartphone or the camera that took them.

Through multiple tests we’ve performed, we realized that most modern digital photo frames have crisp photos with rich color and lots of details. Ensure that the photo frame has a wide viewing angle so that you can see your displays from anywhere in your room. As a serious photographer, you may not see the clear display you are looking for. Most units have a 1280 x 800 resolution, which is lower than what professional cameras capture. Think of the frame as a way to see your memories every day, but not a platform to assess your professional photos.

It is important that you go for a frame that allows display settings. You should be able to adjust the brightness and display intervals among others.

Smart Photo Frames

We test each display to see if they are actually smart displays. They started with the Amazon Echo Show and now we have several options, including Google Nest Home Hub and the Nixplay 10.1-Inch Smart Digital Wi-Fi-Enabled Photo Frame above. These are digital photo frames that include a virtual assistant. This will allow controlling other smart devices and gadgets in the home with just your voice.

Most of the smart displays we’ve tested allow more than displaying and uploading photos. You can use some of them to access YouTube, listen to music, view apps, and perform a host of other features. Today, the smart displays sell at the same price as most of the other digital frames, which is a bargain given the many added functionalities. If you need a simple digital photo frame, these may not be a good option. They are challenging to navigate, and they may only be tied to specific photo services. For instance, the Google Nest Hubs are tied to Google Photos while the Echo Show is tied to Amazon Photos.

Pick Your Frame

When searching for the best digital photo frames, pick a photo frame that meets your entertainment needs. If you want to view videos and photos, pick a unit that offers that and falls within your budget. If you are buying the frame as a gift, consider the ease of use so that the receiver doesn’t have challenges. Seniors will need the simplest digital frames that allow them to post photos of their grandkids without complex setups. Internet-connected frames allow any individual to post photos from anywhere across the world. It should also have a motion sensor or a way to set an on/off schedule. This way, even if the senior forgets to switch it off, it will not affect their utility bills.

You can go for a complex digital photo frame, one with a voice assistant and other features, but only if your budget allows. If you are always busy, you may not have the time for complex setups, so go for the simplest of digital photo frames.

If you’re looking for a digital photo frame alternative you might want to check this out.