32 Lightroom Presets That Will Transform Your Photos

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a simple to learn, and easy to use program that can enhance your digital images while also saving and storing them for you. Anyone with basic computer knowledge can understand this program to maximise their photos after they are taken. Digital photos have drastically changed how we photograph things, store, and print them as well. It’s a whole new world in photo editing software.

Black Friday Collection

The Black Friday collection is ideal for bloggers and anyone who promotes their brand on Instagram. This bundle in particular includes 240 different professionally created Lightroom presets. Included are 240 Lightroom mobile presets included, 63 Lightroom brushes, 40 Photoshop actions, and so much more. Everything that you need is included to create work that you can proudly display. The Black Friday collection is also a good choice for professional designers. This is a preset that gives you a crispy, cool, wintry feel.

Wedding Collection

The bride, groom, and everyone involved in a wedding expect the photos to be stellar and a representation of a very special day. Excellence is expected and nothing less is acceptable, making this one of the more challenging photography niches. Thankfully, this collection is a professional option to ensure you have great photos no matter the lighting conditions. Wedding photography calls for a specific mood that can be achieved with the wedding collection preset.

Expert Bundle

The expert bundle contains a massive number of options with more than 750 presets including a toolkit bonus, Lightroom brushes, Photoshop actions, Adobe Lightroom presets, and Adobe camera raw presets. This bundle combines some of the best-selling presets created by BeArt presets and ACR.

There are 20 collections in the preset bundle design for a variety of uses; maternity, pastel, light leaks, interior design, and nightclub moods among others. This bundle is compatible with Photoshop CC, CS6, as well as Mac and PC. The expert bundle preset can be used with raw and jpeg images. The expert bundle also works well with Lightroom mobile, Lightroom CC, Lightroom CC classic, and Lightroom 4-7.

Portrait Perfection

Need to remove blemishes or imperfections quickly? The portrait perfection bundle is best for making corrections in post-production. Changes can be made easily while maintaining your unique photography style. This collection by BeArt contains 25 Lightroom brushes, 74 Lightroom toolkit presets, 90 Lightroom presets, 90 camera raw presets for both Photoshop and Lightroom, and 50 Lightroom presets for mobile. This bundle can be used to enhance the rich colors of any photo, even in black and white. Count on the portrait perfection bundle for a polished and perfect look. As the name implies, these presets are best for enhancing the portrait of a single person.

Love Story Collection

Romantic images tell a story of love, devotion, and captivation. The love story preset achieves this romantic mood for an entire city or the lush great outdoors. This collection has adjustable green and warm tones. The bundle gives you the tools to capture the peacefulness & gracefulness of love in an image. The collection includes 20 raw presets, 20 Photoshop actions, 20 Lightroom presets, 10 toolkit Lightroom presets, and 20 mobile Lightroom presets.

Fujifilm Collection

With the Fujifilm collection you can achieve old-fashioned looks through tones and color palette. This collection is a great choice for street and lifestyle photography. The Fujifilm collection contains 25 presets for Lightroom mobile and 25 presets for Lightroom. This collection is excellent for lifestyle photos, travel portraits, and group outdoor shots. The presets included are also great choices for capturing the beauty of floral and plant life.

Moody Collection

The moody collection is great for giving your shots a look appropriate for commercial ads, beauty shots, floral arrangements, architecture, and wildlife. This collection will help you achieve luscious shades of black, fades, low or high contrast, and bring out the details of shadows and highlights. Rather than making colors pop, the moody collection mutes colors giving them an almost dreamlike appearance. This preset bundle helps you achieve the relaxed, carefree, and imaginative aesthetic associated with Bohemian style.

Street Fashion

Capture attire outdoors with this collection created to show the appeal of street fashion favorably and elegantly. The street fashion collection is great for beautifying photographic shots intended for editorial use. The presets in this bundle have been included based upon their ability to help support the narrative of your shot. The street fashion bundle is ideal for fashion-centric visual storytelling.

Maternity Premium

Achieve soft and beautiful maternity photos easily with presets created just for this purpose. You can save a great deal of time by working with presets styled specifically for maternity shots. Make one-click edits to maternity images, providing them with just the right amount of soft light and colors. The maternity collection includes 45 camera raw presets, 45 Lightroom presets, 48 toolkit Lightroom presets, 45 mobile Lightroom presets, and 45 Photoshop actions. All of these presets have been brought together to capture the intimate moments of a pregnant mother.

Sweet Home Lifestyle

Do you desire to achieve indoor shots with a cozy feel and pleasant mood? The sweet home lifestyle bundle enriches photos with dreamlike hues, brightness, and just the right amount of contrast. Give a home-like feel to images of flat layouts, children, food images, and moments of everyday life. This preset collection contains 25 Photoshop actions, 25 mobile Lightroom presets, 25 Lightroom presets, and 25 camera raw presets for both Photoshop and Lightroom.

Product Photography

Product photos are meant to be eye-catching and clear. Show your ecommerce products in the best light with this preset that bundle created for subject photography. Eliminate unwanted shadows, increase sharpness, and bring the viewer’s attention to subtle details and nuances of the product. This preset enhances highlights and shadows so that details are brought to the forefront. The bundle will be able to meet your product photography needs in any scenario. It contains 79 Lightroom presets, 42 mobile Lightroom presets, 15 brushes for Lightroom, & 79 camera raw presets for Photoshop and Lightroom.

Newborn Collection

Capture the innocent and softness of a newborn baby with a preset bundle designed for sessions with newborns. The presets preserve the baby’s skin tone without altering it while increasing warmth, creaminess, and contrast. The newborn preset collection makes it easy to retouch newborn images whether they were taken with studio or natural light. This bundle equips you to edit a variety of newborn photo sessions. It includes 40 Lightroom presets, 40 camera raw presets for Photoshop & Lightroom, 40 Photoshop actions, 15 Lightroom brushes, and 40 mobile Lightroom presets.

Family & Children

Family time is a special time. Make all of your family images clean, bright, and consistent. The family and children selection allows you to give a professional finish to family photo sessions. This bundle is a choice preset for showing natural skin tones. The presets in the bundle bring excitement and pop the image.

With the family and children preset, you can ensure that you process these special moments the way the family intended. You don’t have to spend an exorbitant amount of time editing a variety of skin tones. The preset is already adjusted to accurately portray a variety of skin tones. The bundle includes 40 Lightroom presets, 40 Photoshop actions, 40 mobile Lightroom presets, and 40 camera raw presets.

Food Photography

Everyone loves taking food photos but there is a reason why some photos stand out amongst the rest. Make viewers fall in love with your appetizing food photos using this preset bundle. You can create stunning photos without spending hours on end editing photos. The food photography preset bundle will produce beautiful food images in a wide variety of lighting conditions. Choose from 40 Lightroom presets, 40 Photoshop actions, 40 mobile Lightroom presets, and 40 camera raw presets. This bundle helps you achieve different moods from cool to bright to dusky & sultry.

Lifestyle Moody

If you’re looking for a preset that is more along the lines of a multi-purpose bundle, choose the lifestyle moody collection. This preset bundle will allow you to shoot everything from architecture to interior design to individual portraits, and even travel images. After all, a lifestyle preset should be able to display all facets of life while evoking a mood and feeling. You can expect increased sharpness and richer colors all while maintaining your unique photography style. This multi-use bundle includes 25 mobile Lightroom presets, 60 Lightroom toolkit presets, and 25 Lightroom presets.

Selfie Collection

Photographers can capture the best version of their subject with the selfie collection bundle of presets. With this collection, bloggers can easily enhance images themselves. Its bundle is created to achieve trendy looks. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a neophyte to photography, this preset collection is the key to gorgeous post-production photos. Revamp your selfie into a quality edited image. The bundle includes 30 mobile Lightroom presets, 30 Lightroom presets, and 60 tool kit presets designed for Lightroom.

Travel & Landscape

Images of the many of the iconic locations people know and love are the result of using specific presets designed for outdoors and travel. If you want to give your photos the same appeal and attractiveness, use the travel and landscape preset bundle. This collection is designed specifically for travel and brings out the intricate beauty of any locale. The bundle includes 40 camera raw presets for Photoshop and Lightroom, 40 Photoshop actions, 40 mobile Lightroom presets, 15 Lightroom brushes, and 40 Lightroom presets.

Analogue Film

Looking to create that warm feeling that brings back memories? The analog film preset collection offers the nostalgic film effects associated with Polaroid, Kodak, and others. Utilize vintage light leaks and styles popularized in photography decades ago. Transform your images by sending them back in time. The bundle includes 30 Lightroom presets, 30 Photoshop actions, 30 mobile Lightroom presets, 30 camera raw presets for Photoshop and Lightroom.

Wedding & Romance

The wedding and romance preset collection gives an air of emotional romance to your images. The conditions defined in this preset bundle give your photos a sense of fervor, love, and emotional excitement. The bundle allows you to maintain consistent effects across images taken both indoors and outdoors. The bundle includes 40 Lightroom presets, 40 Photoshop actions, 40 mobile Lightroom presets, and 40 camera raw presets for Lightroom and Photoshop.

Bright & Airy

If your goal is post-production images that are light, airy, and angelic, this is your bundle. This collection includes a variety of presets that lend a soft otherworldliness to your images. Convert your images into a quixotic utopia worthy of staring. This effect is achieved by brightening shadows and increasing the depth of the image all while adding a light grain effect. The bright and airy presets collection gives you 30 camera raw presets for Photoshop and Lightroom, 30 Photoshop actions, 43 Lightroom presets, 17 mobile Lightroom presets, and 40 tool kit presets for Lightroom.

Coffee & Chocolate

Add a warm and soft glow to photos with the coffee and chocolate preset collection. Lighter tones become tan and the richness of darker tones is increased. The coffee and chocolate bundle is not specific to any season so you can feel free to use it anytime for any occasion. This preset is also a great option to spruce up everyday images. It includes 27 Photoshop actions, 27 Lightroom presets, 27 mobile Lightroom presets, and 27 camera raw presets for Lightroom and Photoshop to select from.

Nightclub Collection

Capture the essence of the night scene and accentuate the details. Your images will look bright and lively even though they may have been taken at an event with dark or minimal lighting. This bundle can help you creatively display an action-filled concert with sophisticated color tones. The nightclub preset collection was specifically tailored to the need to create vibrant nighttime photos. You can lean towards cooler or warmer tones. The nightclub collection includes 20 Lightroom presets, 20 raw presets for Lightroom and Photoshop as well as 20 Photoshop actions.

Black and White Collection

Get a stunning, timeless look with the simple black and white collection of presets. This collection gives you 40 each of the following; black and white Lightroom presets, black and white Photoshop actions, and black and white Adobe raw presets compatible with CS6. Play with a range of light and dark shades with ease. You may be surprised at the variety of emotions a black and white photo can transfer to the viewer.

Matte Collection

Give your photos a smooth, matte effect. The matte collection gives your photos a unique, classy style, and timeless aesthetic. You can easily and simply create any alterations in the photo that you’d like to make. This preset achieves an atmospheric effect by slightly washing the colors, resulting in bright but gentle tones. The preset includes 40 Lightroom presets, 40 Photoshop actions, and 40 raw presets for Lightroom & Photoshop.

Luxury Interior Collection

The industries of real estate and interior design among others, require photos of a certain caliber to meet customer expectations. These photos give the power to close a real estate deal, confirm the remodeling of a large project, or even help you decide where to have a luxurious dinner! This preset will help improve texture, correct lighting, and crisp color. Eliminate harsh light and adjust the white balance by default. Included in the collection are 40 Lightroom presets, 40 Photoshop actions, and 40 raw presets for Photoshop & Lightroom. Get the mind-blowing professionalism needed to truly wow your clients.

Orange and Teal Collection

Working with photos that contain a teal and orange color palette? The orange and teal collection of presets will perfectly brighten your images. These presets bring freshness and crisp colors that bring your image to life! This preset does exactly what it describes and brings orange and teal colors to the forefront of a photo. Dark browns and blue shades are converted to richer shades of brown, orange, and teal hues with this collection. The set includes 20 Lightroom presets, 20 raw presets for Lightroom & Photoshop, 20 Photoshop actions, 20 mobile Lightroom presets, and 15 toolkit Lightroom presets.

Winter Collection

Bring winter-chilling moods to your photos without altering skin tone. Add wintry beauty to each photograph. The winter collection of presets is the key to producing polished winter images. The preset also allows you to add a snow overlay and stylized letters. Make your photos breathtaking with deeper jewel tones, brightness, and clarity. The bundle is designed to accentuate winter hues. Give your photos deep winter colors and bright yet moody lighting. The winter preset collection includes 64 Lightroom presets, 25 Lightroom brushes, 24 mobile Lightroom presets, 18 bokeh overlays, 20 text overlays, 40 Photoshop actions, and 64 raw presets for Photoshop and Lightroom.

Light & Airy Wedding Collection

Give your images a carefree, weightless feel with the light and airy wedding collection. This bundle lightens dark Shadows and gives clarity to highlights. This collection emulates Fuji 400, bringing soft pastel colors to the forefront. This is a great choice for photos taken in natural lighting. The light and airy wedding collection includes 30 Lightroom presets, 30 Photoshop action, 30 mobile Lightroom presets, and 30 raw presets for Photoshop and Lightroom.

Pastel Collection

The pastel preset collection brings out creamy tones, peach colors, cool blues and greens, all while brightening the overall photo. This collection is perfect for making your blue and pink hues pop, creating a photo that truly stands out. The soft pastel collection is created from 40 Lightroom presets, 40 raw presets for Photoshop and Lightroom, and 40 Photoshop actions.

Wedding Bundle

The wedding bundle is ideal for maternity, engagement, and wedding photographers. This is an exceptionally large bundle containing more than 260 presets. This bundle offers a wide variety to select from including coffee and chocolate, wedding and romance, portrait, bright and airy, love story, and wedding presets. This is a broad, all-inclusive package for photographers with a workload containing a variety of scenarios.

Best-Sellers Bundle

The best sellers bundle is a large collection containing more than 364 Lightroom presets. This bundle ensures you’re prepared for any editing requirements; from portraits to weddings to product photography, newborns, and a variety of moods. If you are looking for the widest variety of presets, you found it.

Free Lightroom Presets Collection

Save time and get a preset bundle that contains everything you need to develop your editing style. The free Lightroom preset bundle gives you 20 free Lightroom presets and 20 free mobile Lightroom presets. These presets are great for indoor and outdoor portraits, wedding photos, outdoor landscape, product, and newborn photos.