Online Photography Classes That’ll Improve Your Photos

You do not have to spend thousands of dollars for a photography degree.

There are hundreds of online courses teaching you beginner photography skills, such as camera settings and planning as well as advanced techniques, such as post-processing, focus stacking, and time-lapses. If you see people posting professional-quality photos on Instagram, it is because they have taken the time to learn photography. By brushing up your photography skills, your photos will have the oomph you see on the Instagram feeds of several influencers. Here are a few courses that will change how you shoot your photos.

iPhotography Course$129 plus some free coursesPhotographyOnline course, articles, and videos
The School of Photography$20 per monthPhotographyOnline course, articles, and videos
Photography Course.Net$99 per premium course plus several free coursesPhotographyOnline articles, videos, podcasts, and photos
The Complete FroKnowsPhoto 6-Hour$197 life membershipVideographyDVD and digital

iPhotography Course


The iPhotography Course is a complete beginner and advanced photography course. It covers everything in only 18 modules. Interested photographers can pick the courses from any of the modules from camera settings all the way to Photoshop and Lightroom editing. The course allows you to learn photography at a pace you find comfortable. At each level, you will get guidance from professional photographers. After each session, you get quizzes and insights that help you review what you have learned.

To access the course, you need to sign up for a lifetime course membership after which you will access the course’s online private forum. The forum has more than 100,000 students. You can use it to ask for reviews and critics of your work to better your skills.

Here is what the course offers you when you sign up:
18 interactive modules: According to the creator, each module is created with LearnLock Technology, which betters content retention. You will want to bring your camera for each of the modules as the creator uses several examples to help you understand the details better. The modules include:

• Camera and Lenses Settings
• How Digital Cameras Work
• Photography Genres
• Understanding The Role of Light
• Shutter Speed Mastering
• Depth and Aperture Perfection
• Composition Basics
• Advanced Composition
• White & Black
• Travel
• Landscapes
• Portraiture
• Creative and Abstract
• Secret Tricks and Techniques
• Problems to Avoid
• Pro Tips
• Learning Photoshop CC
• Editing in Photoshop CC

Each of these modules offers a boatload of information to beginners and advanced photographers alike. After going through all the modules, you will not only learn how to take good quality photos but also edit your photos and use them on social media and other platforms.

Get Feedback – One of the best aspects of the course is the one-on-one feedback you receive from the tutors. They will give you tips on how to improve photos from different light settings.

Track Progress – The course has this awesome feature where you upload different photos for comparison. Upload a photo when you start and upload more as your skill advances. You can then compare these to see how your skills have grown. Besides the photo library, you can engage in interactive quizzes to assess your progress.

Download Library – There are several downloadable materials once you register for the course. You will get materials on planning, how to pose, contrasts, color wheels, and lighting among others. Further, there are more than 20 tutorials on how to edit your photos.


• Comprehensive online course
• Material presented in a simple way
• Ideal for beginners and advanced photographers


• The site experiences some downtime

The School of Photography


The School of Photography is the brainchild of Marc Newton. Marc started doing professional photography in 1997 as a student. He has been teaching photography since 2002. After 10 years of teaching, he decided to start The School of Photography to reach a wider audience. He is a qualified photographer and teacher with a BA Honors Degree in Photography and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education. He also pursued Qualified Teacher Status and Advanced Skills Teacher in Photography.

Over the years, the school has developed more than 700 videos and other materials. The course facilitators often critique the students’ work and send monthly assignments to help track the progress of students.

If you register as an exclusive member, you will have access to great discounts on photo products and services. After each study session, you can engage in live questions and answer forum where you can learn more about your art. There are several professionals from The School of Photography available to answer all your questions.

You have the chance to learn at a pace you are comfortable with. If you ever have any challenges accessing the content, the school offers you personalized support so that you can access the courses anywhere you are.

Besides the courses, The School of Photography offers additional content on their blog. The content comes in handy when addressing trends in photography.

Once you register, you can access the courses in terms of books and simple online tutorials. There is content for beginners as well as for advanced photographers. Some of the topics covered in the books and courses include:

• Beginners Photography
• Lightroom
• Photoshop
• Fine Art Landscape Photography
• Studio Lighting
• Long Exposure Photography
• Portrait Retouching
• Pro Landscape Photography
• Photography Book
• Photography eBook
• Macro Photography

You need to have your camera ready as you go through all the courses and the books. There are great illustrations and examples to follow to learn new skills.


• Detailed content
• Tasks after each lesson to track progress
• Great value for money
• Free tutorials before you buy the course


• Courses not organized into modules for easy following



Do you need to learn photography for free? Photography Course.Net offers both free and premium courses for beginners and advanced photographers. You can access most of the content you need to start and hone your skills with only a few courses requiring you to pay something. The course started more than 20 years ago. Over this period, the creators have developed hundreds of photography materials to cover new features in digital cameras and new trends in photography. Most of the materials are developed on the phone with easy-to-read blog posts so that you can follow up with ease.

The creators expound on each topic in detail, thereby, creating different posts on the same topic. Some of the free courses include:

• Beginner photography
• Intermediate photography
• Advanced photography
• Portrait photography
• Landscape photography
• Flash photography
• Composition photography
• Travel photography

It will take you between a few weeks and a few months to complete the free courses, depending on how many lessons you take in a day. After the courses, you will know everything you need as a professional photographer.

The premium courses introduce to you advanced photography techniques. These include indoor self-portrait photography, black and white photography, and 365 days of photography. The premium courses help you create stories with your photos. You will have the guidance and constructive criticism of professionals as you create the photos.

Besides the above courses, Photography Course.Net offers photo editing and Lightroom presets for advanced photographers. You can access the courses in the form of videos, articles, or podcasts. Each of them comes in a simple format and the content is interactive for learners to follow. If you have gone through all the courses, you can still keep following the site for everyday content that the creators post.

Photographers with advanced skills can also benefit by trying out the new techniques that the professionals at Photography Course.Net teach. Follow the course creators on social media to learn about new course content and blog posts.


• Course ideal for beginners and advanced photographers
• Diverse content formats
• Detailed examples to follow


• Courses not organized into modules

The Complete FroKnowsPhoto 6-Hour


FroKnowsPhoto’s guide is not about photography. However, any photography enthusiast will benefit from the fun and interactive content that the site offers. The FroKnowsPhoto 6-Hour DSLR course is the brainchild of Jared Polin (also known as Fro). He teamed up with Todd Wolfe, an award-winning Hollywood filmmaker, to help you learn how to use your DSLR to create the perfect videos. Learning how to shoot good videos will be a perfect addition to your skillset as a photographer.

Fro is not new to photography and videography. He started taking photos when he was 15 and from his skills, he landed shooting gigs with Matisyahu, Perry Farrell from Janes Addiction, Rolling Stone, and Philadelphia Flyers among others. He also runs a successful YouTube account, Jared Polin, with more than 1.3 million subscribers. Here, subscribers learn more about photography and videography from the maestro himself.

If you are already a successful photographer, you will find it easy to make the transition. You already know the camera basics and the settings needed to create photos. The guide is not only about capturing videos but also using your videos on YouTube and other platforms. You will learn how to set your camera for the best shots and how to create the best lighting for the videos. Afterward, you will get bonus courses, including:

• How to create videos for YouTube
• Editing tips and tricks from Todd, the filmmaker
• Shooting checklist for videomakers
• Assignments to track your progress

The FroKnowsPhoto 6-Hour Course is detailed as the two creators take you through the step-by-step process of how to create the best videos. You can try the course for 60 days, and if you do not like it, the creators offer a 60-day money-back guarantee. As you go through the course, Jared Polin and Todd Wolfe are available for any questions you may have. You do not need expensive cameras to start shooting.


• Comprehensive DSLR video shooting course
• Questions and answer sessions available
• Available in DVD and digital formats


• Beginners may find the price relatively high


There are free and premium courses available for photographers. Pick the best course based on your budget and run away with it. There is so much to learn, and you can pick from whichever skill level you want.