53 Family Photo Outfit Ideas: Mixing Pastels & Matching Colors For Diffrent Seasons

Key points

Coordinate but don’t match: The time for identical family outfits is over. Now, pick a range of colors and make sure everyone’s clothes look good together without being the same. Like if it’s autumn, use warm colors like burnt orange, deep red, or brown to connect the styles without it seeming too planned.

Comfort is key: Kids squirming or adults feeling awkward in their clothes ruins photos. Dress in something comfy. For example, my son once suffered through wearing a stiff shirt. Now he wears a relaxed polo or sweater and it makes our pictures turn out way better.

Consider the location: The place you take photos should influence what you wear. At the beach, choose breezy, light clothing. In a park, go for casual earth tones.

Benefits of Denim and White


Denim and white are great for family photos; they’re clean and chic! Here’s why:

  • Versatility: Denim can be paired with anything, especially white tops, giving a sharp look.
  • Easy Coordination: Everybody usually has denim and white in their wardrobe, so no extra shopping is needed.
  • Timeless appeal: This mix stays stylish through the years, ensuring your photos always look good.

In our fall photos last year, the family wore different brown tones. It was beautiful how well the colors worked together without anyone standing out too much.

Best Shades for Fall

Best Shades for FallPin

Fall is full of vibrant colors to choose from. Rich reds, oranges, and yellows are always a hit. Here are my top picks:

  • Burgundy
  • Maroon
  • Mustard Yellow
  • Pumpkin Orange
  • Forest Green
  • Rust Brown

Elegant Yet Risky


Dressing everyone in black for pictures looks classy. Black is timeless and looks good on everyone, making for a stylish family photo. But it’s risky; too much black might have you looking like you’re going to a funeral or a gothic event.

Cheerful and Vibrant

Cheerful and VibrantPin

To achieve a lively photo, use eye-catching colors like red, yellow, blue, or green along with playful patterns like dots, stripes, or flowers. Fun photos bring back happy memories of those moments.

How to Balance Bright Colors

How to Balance Bright ColorsPin

Here’s how to balance bright colors:

  • Pick a Base Color: Select one main color that appears in everyone’s outfit, such as blue jeans or white tops.
  • Add Accent Colors: Introduce two or three additional bright colors to complement the base one.
  • Use Neutrals Sparingly: Use neutral colors to tone down the overall brightness while keeping focus on the colorful parts.

We’ve tried these strategies in our own photos.



I’m all in for pastel colors when picking outfits for family pictures. Soft pinks, baby blues, mint greens, and lovely lavenders help everyone look sharp and well-coordinated but not identical. These colors are pleasing to the eye and flatter different skin types.

Plus, they work well with any background, be it outside or indoors. I’ll never forget a spring photo session we had where our client’s pastel clothes matched the blooming flowers and greenery perfectly. It was as if they belonged there.

Perfect for Spring

Perfect for SpringPin

The best time for pastels is spring. The season’s like a breath of fresh air, with nature waking up all around us. And what’s better than having your outfits reflect that light, airy feeling? I enjoy adding floral prints and lightweight fabrics, along with accessories that underline the soft look of pastel colors.

Cohesive Without Matching

Cohesive Without MatchingPin

Dressing exactly the same can look awkward. Complementary colors are much better. Take, for example, the fall photo we did for out client in shades of burnt orange and mustard yellow – each person picked a color in those tones and the result was harmonious yet diverse.

This method highlights each person’s style while keeping the group’s look unified.

Best Color Choices

Best Color ChoicesPin

The success of your photo can depend on the colors you choose. Naturals blend wonderfully outdoors, while indoors might call for deeper hues like dark reds or classic navy.

  • Spring: Think pastels and greens.
  • Summer: Go for whites, oranges, and yellows.
  • Fall: Earthy colors win here.
  • Winter: Deep reds and greens among others work nicely.

We rocked red and green outfits during a winter shoot one year – looking festive as ever!

Winter: Sweaters and Scarves

Winter: Sweaters and ScarvesPin

In winter family pics, nothing beats cozy sweaters layered with scarves for warmth and texture.

Summer: Sundresses

Summer: SundressesPin

Sundresses rule summer sessions. They’re cool, come in many styles, and scream summertime happiness. We aced a photo shoot session once in sundresses of different blues against green trees and blue skies – easy to wear and super chic.

Nautical Navy and White Stripes


Navy stripes are timeless and sophisticated; remember not to overdo it – balance stripes with solid colors to avoid cluttered images.

Flowy Dresses and Flower Crowns

Flowy Dresses and Flower CrownsPin

Dresses that flow give off this great romantic flair – they’re comfy for everyone. Pastel flowers crowns add a fairytale touch too!

Plaid Shirts and Jeans

Plaid Shirts and JeansPin

A plaid and jeans combo always works well reflecting a classic family vibe across ages – varying plaids create diversity within unity.



If you’re after that timeless look for family photos, you can’t go wrong with dresses and suits. They give off a sleek, posh vibe that casual wear just can’t match. Guys in sharp suits and ladies in stylish dresses or fancy jumpsuits look top-notch in pictures.

Suits and Dresses

When to Go FormalPin

For a sharp look, men should consider neutral-colored suits like black, navy, or gray. Toss in a tie or bowtie to spice it up. Women have loads of options – think cocktail dresses or long gowns for elegance, or jumpsuits for a trendy twist. Kids can rock mini tuxes or pretty dresses too. But remember, comfort’s important, especially if you’re taking photos for a while.

Sports Team Jerseys


Sports jerseys can add a fun vibe to family pics, especially if you’re all fans. Wearing jerseys from a fave team can show unity and is super fun for kids. Plus, bold team colors really make visuals pop.

Best for Spring and Summer


Bright colors and light materials match spring and summer vibes fantastically. The sun brings out vibrant hues perfectly. We went with aqua and coral on the beach once – barefoot in the sand – those snaps are among our favs! Wearing seasonal colors just works so well.

Vintage 1950s Style Dresses and Bowties


Dresses from the 50s along with bowties strike a sweet balance between dashing and fun for family photos. The looks range from bold dots to soft pastels; they make everyone look like they stepped out from an old-timey movie reel.

Unique and Fun

Unique and FunPin

Aiming for something noticeable? Mix different patterns and colors but keep them complementary. Too many similarities can be boring but mixing it up can be strikingly lovely.

Black and White


Black and white are classic choices – they give photos an elegant touch that doesn’t distract from the emotions being displayed. They’re versatile too, fitting both formal wear vibes and casual get-ups like tees with jeans.

Chic and Modern


To get that chic look, switch up textures but keep them in a similar color scheme. Imagine trend-setting shapes with cool patterns and stylish accessories that let each person pop while looking collectively sharp.

Matching Colors

Matching ColorsPin

Everyone wearing the same color is a tried-and-true idea. It makes family pictures look peaceful and attractive. You’ve probably seen photos where everyone is dressed in white or khaki, which really shows unity. But be careful not to overdo it, as all white can be overwhelming and make you seem like a singing group. Instead, go for softer colors like pastels—think blues, pinks, or light greens.

Different Shades of the Same Color

Different Shades of the Same ColorPin

If you don’t like matching perfectly, try different shades of one color. You could wear different blues—dad in kakie, the kids in golden brown, and mom in a shade in-between. This adds interest while keeping you in sync.

Mixing Patterns

Mixing PatternsPin

It’s challenging but exciting to mix patterns. Choose patterns within the same color family for success. You might doubt that plaid and floral match, but if they share colors, they often do.

You should keep different patterns to a maximum of two or three in the group. Once we mixed polka dots with gingham, and it was a hit! Just remember to include simple items like jeans or neutral pants to balance things out.

Breaking Boundaries with Confidence

Breaking Boundaries with ConfidencePin

Daring and bold clothes show confidence in your photos. Picture out in the field with flowing skirts or torn jeans with smart blazers.


  • Lay off too much pattern—it can clash in pictures.
  • Mix textures like denim, leather, and silk for depth.
  • Darker colors such as black, deep red, and navy make a statement.

Light-Hearted and Quirky

Light-Hearted and QuirkyPin

Energetic Outfits and Bright Highlights

Energetic Outfits and Bright HighlightsPin

To make your family pictures look full of life and fun, choose light-hearted and quirky clothes. Imagine wearing vivid shades, playful items, and unusual designs.


  • Use striking colors such as lemon, fuchsia, or aqua to create a cheerful atmosphere.
  • Bring along fun extras like multicolored umbrellas, big sunnies, or whimsical caps.
  • Opt for outfits with themes, like vintage fashion or holiday gear.

There was this one photo session I conducted where my clients all wore clashing socks and beanies. The cheerfulness came through in the snapshots perfectly! They seemed to be having the time of their lives – and that’s because they really were. My client haven’t stopped talking about it ever since.

Cute for Little Kids

Cute for Little KidsPin

There’s nothing sweeter than kids in semi-matching outfits for family pics. Girls in tutus look royal, while boys in tiny bow ties just warm your heart. Outfits like these make your minis excited about the photo op.

Coordination Tips

Avoiding a matchy-matchy look requires finesse. Here’s what’s worked for me:

  • Color Harmony: Go with a consistent color theme. If you dress the children in soft colors, adults should wear shades that flatter.
  • Accessories: Add accessories to unite different styles. Moms can sport earrings that echo the kiddos’ pastel outfits, or dads can choose complementing bow ties.
  • Avoid Matching Fabrics: Direct fabric matches can look excessive. Instead, mix materials like silk, denim or play with designs such as stripes or dots.

You’ll be surprised how these details make for both cohesive and distinctive family photos.

Leather Jackets

Leather JacketsPin

Leather jackets are cool and sharp. They instantly make any outfit look a bit rebellious. You can pick the classic black or try striking colors like burgundy, either way, you’ll look sleek without even trying.

Bold and Different Colors

Bold and Different ColorsPin

For a distinctive look, don’t shy away from strong and unique colors in your family photos. Ditch the tired khakis and greys. Why not pair bright yellows with light reds or burnt oranges with deep purples? Just aim for a balanced look so it doesn’t seem like everyone is going to a separate event.

Picking the right hues is important for nailing that family photo attire. Let me simplify it by seasons:

Oranges and Browns for Fall

Oranges and Browns for FallPin

Fall means rich, warm colors that match the foliage outside. My family loves this because it’s an excuse to dress warmly. Last October, we chose orange and brown tones for our yearly family picture against the autumn leaves, and boy did those colors stand out! I wore a rust-colored sweater that everyone loved, and the kids’ brown jackets were adorable.

Pastels for Spring

Pastels for SpringPin

Spring calls for breezy hues that feel fresh. Pastels are just right. These subdued colors were perfect with the flowers in full bloom behind us.

Rainy weather might not sound ideal for photos, but it can be pretty fun! Dressing up in playful raincoats and using fun umbrellas make for an unusual photo adventure. A picture in light rain has its own magic if you’re well-prepped for it.

Playful Raincoats and Umbrellas

Playful Raincoats and UmbrellasPin

Lively raincoats and whimsical umbrellas mean ‘fun’. Choose vivid colors like yellow or red or even patterns with dots – trust me, they stand out in photos conveying happiness.

  • Avoid plain black or gray – too drab!
  • Go for patterns – they bring character to your shot!
  • Clear bubble umbrellas are great since they let you see everyone’s faces.

Ugly Outfits

Ugly or NotPin

“Ugly” outfits? They’re hit-or-miss but can add humor to your pictures! I personally find their cheesiness quite charming. If that’s not your cup of tea though, stick with timeless elegance. It’s about capturing your family’s joy in a photo.

Coordination Tips

Coordinating outfits can be tough but here’s what works for me:

  1. Select a color palette: Settle on 2-3 main shades that everyone will wear.
  2. Add neutral tones: Whites, grays, blacks or denim add balance.
  3. Mix patterns and textures: Feel free to use stripes or flowers but keep it even (not everyone in stripes).
  4. Avoid logos: They can distract from your photo’s put-together look.

This table shows an example as to how I coordinate our wardrobe for our clients:

Family MemberMain ColorComplementary ColorTexture/Pattern
MomBurgundy RedCreamCable Knit Sweater
DadNavy BlueGreyFlannel Shirt
DaughterCreamGoldTulle Skirt
SonBurgundy RedNavy BlueStriped Sweater



Camo gear’s really interesting for photoshoots. Some dig it; others don’t. Sure thing is – camo isn’t universally flattering.If your kin’s all about that bold outdoor look then camo might just be right up your alley.Just watch out:

  • Camo can get lost against nature-filled backdrops like forests or bushland.
  • Pick places wisely – camo looks natural at parks or nature reserves compared to beaches.
  • If you go for camo, ease off on other stuff; maybe combine just hints of camo paired with solid backgrounds.

Fancy and Striking

Fancy and StrikingPin

This mix stands out big time lending opulence with just enough flair.

Angelic and Clean


There is nothing more angelic than a sunset photo were everyone wearing white.

Cozy Sweaters and Hats


A snug sweater or hat can make winter family photos feel intimate and special. Picture your family in matching knits; it looks unified but not overly similar. And don’t leave out those beanies or pom-pom hats for an extra dash of adorable for the little ones!

Neon Colors and Big Hair

  • Moms: How about neon leggings with an oversized sweatshirt?
  • Dads: Opt for neon windbreakers or cool tees.
  • Kids: Think bright outfits or even colorful tutus.

Hairspray is your friend for achieving big ’80s hair. High ponytails and crimped styles are just the start – the sky’s the limit when it comes to hair volume here.

80s Theme


An ’80s-themed family photo is about creating laugh-worthy memories. Picturing dad in acid-washed denim or mom with leg warmers? That’s the spirit! Mix up the trends from that era, throw on bold jewelry, waist bags, and loud glasses – the point is to be over-the-top.

Dresses and Shirts with Florals


Picking out floral dresses and shirts are smart picks. Dresses add charm for women and girls, while guys can choose subtle floral prints. You want the patterns to work together but not clash. Here are some tips:

  • Go for tiny, dainty floral designs
  • Stick to pastels or neutral shades – they usually work best
  • Use solid colors with florals to balance things out

Halloween Costumes


Ah, I just love Halloween. Dressing up as someone else for a night is so exciting, right? Planning family costumes can be lots of fun.

Fun and Quirky


Why be boring when you can go all in? Use your imagination, and let your personality show with your costume.

Coordination Tips

If you match your costumes, it makes everything come together smoothly. Here’s what I suggest:

  • Theme Consistency: Choose something that everyone likes. When each person is happy with their costume—be they superheroes or creatures from fairy tales—it shows in the pictures.
  • Color Palette: Stick to colors that work together.
  • Comfort: Comfort is key. Uncomfortable clothes mean grumpy looks in the pictures.

Neutral and Sophisticated


You can’t go wrong with neutrals. They’re classy and make everyone look great together. For a polished effect, mix textures and shades similar in color. Throw in a few accessories if you want some flair.

Bright and Bold


Picking out bright, bold colors for family photos can really make them stand out. Bright red, turquoise, and yellow can bring a playful energy to the pictures. But be careful, as these colors can clash if not matched properly, so be sure everyone matches well.

Neon Colors and Patterns


Neon is great for a modern look in your photos, but go easy or it might be too much. It’s best to pair neon with neutral shades, like neon green with gray. Mixing patterns like stripes or plaid is fine if you do it carefully – pick one main pattern and keep the others low-key.

Perfect for Summer


In summer heat, sundresses and shorts are lifesavers. They keep you cool during photo sessions and look fantastic in natural light. The summer feel comes across well in these shots.

Khakis and Greens


In safari themes, khaki and green are your friends. These colors work well outdoors and don’t distract from everyone looking coordinated. We wore olive and beige tones – the pictures were fantastic!

Bold and Striking: Black and Red


For photos that stand out big time, you can’t beat black and red. Everyone looks together yet distinct. Imagine black outfits plus red hats or ties – classy and unforgettable.



Let’s chat about minimalist outfits. They’re perfect for a family photo that looks both timeless and fashionable. You should skip bold prints or bright colors. Choose neutral shades like white, cream, and soft gray instead. Not only do they make the picture look good, but they also keep the attention on you and your loved ones rather than what you’re wearing.

Streamlined Style


Choosing clothing with simple and clean lines can help everyone appear sharp. Well-fitting garments give off a sleek, stylish look. A button-up shirt and tailored trousers always work wonders for guys. Ladies can go for a slinky dress or a neat blouse and skirt duo. We aim for everyone to look their sharpest without it seeming like too much effort.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best color to wear for family photos?

The best color to wear for family photos often depends on your setting and season. Jewel tones work wonderfully in autumn, while pastels are perfection in spring. However, neutrals like beige, gray, or navy can be safe bets year-round. They lend a timeless and cohesive look without clashing with nature’s palette. Stripes, plaids, and florals can also add subtle charm if they blend well with your surroundings.

How should families dress for a family photoshoot?

When dressing for a family photo session, aim for outfits that coordinate rather than match. Choose a color scheme that suits everyone and the location of the shoot. Layering different textures like sweaters, leggings, and plaid shirts can add visual interest. Avoid large logos and neons as they can distract from your beautiful faces. Remember, comfort is key – you want genuine smiles, not forced ones from uncomfortable clothing choices.

What outfits make you look thinner in family pictures?

Dark colors like black, navy, or deep jewel tones can create a slimming effect. Well-fitting clothes are crucial; outfits that are too tight or too loose won’t do you any favors. Consider high-waisted jeans paired with tailored tops to define your waistline. Dresses with vertical stripes or subtle patterns can elongate your frame. Finally, avoid bulky layers that add unnecessary volume.

How do you color coordinate outfits for family pictures?

To color coordinate outfits for family pictures, start with a base color and build around it. Pick three colors – one neutral and two accent colors – that complement each other and suit the season. For instance, shades of blue paired with touches of white and beige can create a cohesive look. Ensure everyone’s outfits include variations of these colors. Mix solids with subtle patterns like plaids or florals for some variety while keeping the overall palette harmonious.

Should everyone wear the same color for family photos?

No, everyone doesn’t need to wear the same color for family photos; instead, aim for coordination rather than uniformity. A cohesive color scheme where each family member’s outfit includes complementary shades can look stunning. Mixing textures and patterns within the same color palette can add depth and interest without making anyone feel like they’re wearing a uniform.

What is the order to color coordinate clothes for family photos?

The order for coordinating color clothes in family photos starts with choosing three primary colors: a base neutral, an anchor color, and highlights or accents. For example, start with a soft beige (base), add navy blue (anchor), and finish with small accents of mustard yellow. Each family member can then incorporate elements of these colors into their outfits, ensuring balance without overwhelming the visual harmony.

What is the 3 color rule in fashion?

The 3 color rule in fashion dictates that no more than three colors should be present in an outfit to maintain a balanced and visually appealing look. In family photos, this means sticking to three main hues across everyone’s outfits to ensure uniformity without appearing cluttered or mismatched. For example, pairing neutral whites with blues and a touch of gold can keep things stylish yet simple.

What is the correct color sequence for family photo outfits?

Choosing the correct color sequence for family photo outfits depends on balancing dominant colors with softer tones. Start with one primary color like a deep navy to ground the outfits, then add secondary colors such as grays or light blues to soften the look. Finish with small pops of brighter hues like yellow or red as accents—perhaps through accessories or small clothing details—to add vibrancy without overwhelming the frame.

What is the rule of thumb for picking outfit colors for family sessions?

The rule of thumb for picking outfit colors for family sessions revolves around choosing complementary hues and avoiding clashes. Opt for harmonizing colors that match both your environment and each person’s complexion. Stick to softer tones to prevent anyone from standing out too starkly unless that’s intentional. Avoid loud prints or clashing neons; instead focus on coordinating shawls, cardigans, and casual tees that subtly tie everything together.

How do Patterns affect outfits selection during family photo shoots?

Patterns can either enhance or complicate outfit selection during family photographs. Subtle patterns like small plaids or delicate florals can add texture without overwhelming the composition. When mixed correctly among plain pieces, they provide visual interest and help break monotony. But beware of overly bold patterns or bright neons as they may divert attention away from faces and unity in the photos. Use patterns sparingly and align them with your overall theme.