Tips for optimizing photos with Lightroom - Image #1

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a simple to learn, and easy to use program that can enhance your digital images while also saving and storing them for you. Anyone with basic computer knowledge can understand this program to maximize their photos after they are taken. Digital photos have drastically changed how we photograph things, store, and print them as well. It's a whole new world in photo editing software.

The new program specifically made for 2015 also gives you the advantage of using it from your smartphone, Ipad, or tablet. So you aren't glued just to your desktop computer anymore. You are mobile, and you have the ability to edit your digital photos from anywhere you want to. The types of photo drives that this program can support are these that follow:

  • jpegs
  • tifs
  • Photoshop documents (psd.)
  • Raw files from a DSLR camera (Nikon, Minolta, Canon, etc.)
  • Adobe direct files

One of the best features of this program is the ability to easily download your photos from your smartphone or digital camera with the click of one button, to “add photos from your photo roll." Or you can just add each individual image one at a time, if you don't take that many photos. The greatest feature of having a digital camera or smart phone camera is that you can take way more photos then with a traditional shutter speed camera.

The search feature is another great option to utilize. For example, say you want to bring up a family photo you took on vacation in front of Disney World, even if you have over 20,000 photos in your files then you can easily describe the photo in the search bar, and it will come up. It's that simple. No more scrolling for hours through thousands of photos by date because you can bring them up on demand. Using this feature will save you hours of searching for that one exact image you want to edit.

Tips for optimizing photos with Lightroom - Image #2

What you can do to the photos in the editing mode is truly a thing of beauty. You can easily get rid of red eye, remove haze, rotate, crop, or experiment with exposure control to make the photo lighter or darker. That's only the beginning of what you can accomplish with this program. Plus nothing you do is going to permanently change the photo since it going to retain it's original form. It's already safely saved in the program. So be the digital editor to your heart's desire until you get exactly the image you want to save, and print. Or post to your favorite social media website.

A few things that Lightroom can't do that a more traditional Photoshop program can perform are basically what is considered “doctoring" where you can add or remove a specific image within the photo. So you couldn't make yourself look skinnier in a photo of you with a group of girlfriends on a night out photo. Improving the lighting or getting rid of a blurry image from an unsteady hand can be done.

Lightroom is better geared towards retouching overall photo images involving color, and style. You are able to create slideshows and photo books with this program which is super helpful in organizing your best vacation photos, weddings, or special events like your nephew graduation photos. Version 6.0 of Lightroom just came out in April of 2015, so you are able to get the very latest in this photo editing, and storigin technology. A few of the newest features are:

  • HDR Merge - Allows you to combine multiple photos.
  • Panorama Merge - Make your larger photos, one big panoramic photo.
  • Performance Improvements / GPU acceleration - Sharpens up blurry images.
  • Facial Recognition - Best feature ever! It allows you to highlight one person's face, and then find every single photo they are in to bring them up in one file.
  • Advanced video slideshows
  • Filter Brush - Allows you to change specific effects in the photo. Such as darker a cloudy sky against a mountain backdrop.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is the wave of the future in photo editing, and storing once you understand how to use it properly, it can be your best friend in digital image editing.