Tips to create the essential travel kit

Are you a DSLR photographer? If so, you probably find that something is always missing when you travel. You may have left your tripod behind, and that once-in-a-lifetime shot is much harder to nail as a result.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had an essential travel kit ready to go when you visit different regions or climates? There will always be something that goes overlooked, but for the most part, a good travel kit will have all of the essentials you need to take shots worthy of a magazine.

What should you add into your essential travel kit?

1. Travel Tripod

You may not have the room for a full-sized tripod, but a mini, flexible tripod may be all that’s needed to take the perfect sunset picture in Venice, Jamaica – or anywhere in the world. But, keep in mind that if you’re going on a road trip, your normal tripod will be much bigger and easier to work with.

2. Short Prime Lens

I know, I know: why pack a short prime lens? Well, let’s redefine the lens for a minute. I am recommending a lens that is:

  • 24mm – 50mm range
  • Faster than f/2.8

In low light situations, these lenses will be a welcomed addition. You can also choose a lens with a wide aperture. These lenses were once every photographer’s go-to choice for contrast and sharpness.

3. Plug Adapters

Remember that plugs are different in different countries. If you live in the United States and try to charge your camera’s battery in Europe, you’re out of luck. Plug adapters and a power convertor should be in your travel kit to help make charging a breeze. Add in a USB charger for good measure, too.

4. Camera Rain Cover

You’re heading to Bermuda, and you want to take breathtaking pictures along the way. But you don’t know what the climate is like. Does it rain a lot in June? If you don’t know, you may find you can’t take shots.

A decent rain cover for your camera will allow you to get harder shots in the rain that you may have missed otherwise.

5. Lens and Camera Cleaning Kit

Imagine getting a dust spot on your lens and needing to edit all 100+ photos you’ve taken – not fun. A good lens and camera cleaning kit are recommended. A blower will be able to get rid of most dust spots. A lens pens will help with cleaning your lens.

6. Filters

If you’re traveling, who knows what type of filters you may need. A good set of filters can make a boring picture fun and interesting. A few of the filters we recommend are:

  • UV Filter – A filter that will protect the lens when out in the field. This lens will filter UV light, and it will also protect against scratches and smudges.
  • Polarizing Filter – The pictures that you want without overexposure or highlights as well as glares can be taken with a polarizing filter. This filter will lead to dark photos with more natural skies when shooting outdoors.
  • Neutral Density Filter: When you want to reduce the light entering your camera lens, an ND filter works best. This is a great way to put an emphasis on high speed motion.

A good set of filters is a must-have for all photographers.

7. The Little Extras

There are a lot of things that can go into a travel kit, and some of the items people have a tendency to forget are:

  • Extras lenses
  • Card readers
  • Laptops (if you plan on editing)
  • Extra storage
  • Carrying bag
  • Cleaning kits
  • Extra batteries
  • Low light capable lens
  • Zoom lens
  • Wide angle lens
  • Speedlight flash or “flashgun”
  • Remote shutter release

You may even want to go as far as packing a cleaning cloth for good measure.