Which instant camera is the best?

Instant photography is so much fun. Are you are thinking about picking one of those fun instant cameras to buy? But which one to buy? There are so many options out there and I wanted to give you my top picks.

I want to take a quick moment and talk about instant cameras. I love instant photography. It’s so much fun and maybe you are thinking about picking one up or two but which camera to buy? There are so many options out there and I wanted to give you my top picks.

I got you covered, so I’m gonna focus on each.

From Instax mini to square and wide and of course, Polaroid so let’s dive in.

Let’s start things off with the Fuji Instax mini 9 instant camera

This is a pretty well-rounded instant camera and for the price, it’s the best out there in the mini line.

Fuji Instax mini 9 instant camera and films

You can pick this camera up for around $50 and sometimes less. I highly recommend this camera if you’re starting out in the instant film world. It is cheap and films for it are really affordable as well. You can get a two-pack of this FujiFilm, so 20 shots for about $15.

Perfect for entry-level. Yet, the size of the film is not something to brag home about but it will get you started.

If you’re getting into instant photography it’s a good place to start, plus you can give it to your kids to try it out. Let them run around and take pictures.

It’s a bit older model and harder to find so I’ll put a link where you can get it here.

Now let’s move on to the Lomography Lomo Instant Square.

Lomo instant camera - square format

Square film format. I’ll be honest, I haven’t used any other instant camera in the square line but this particular camera kinda limits the need to use any other cameras. This actually does an extraordinary job. It has a glass lens and it’s the only current one on the market that has one. So that’s pretty cool too. It also has a remote I love this thing. It also has flash filters so you can slide in to get different colors which are pretty fun to use as well.

And it just looks really good wouldn’t you say. The only thing I don’t like about this is the viewfinder. How far offset and forward it is but, that’s a personal preference. It takes a couple of shots to really dial it in and get it perfect. But overall it is amazing for what it does.

Has a removable back so you can use Instax mini. I don’t recommend using this camera for that. Just stick it to the other Fuji camera I mentioned.

This camera is on the more pricey side, but it’s on sale right now. So I’ll leave a link down below.

There is a standard kit. But you can get options as well. Like lenses and other things with it. It’s about a hundred dollars and in my opinion, it’s well worth it.

Okay, let’s move on to Fuji Instax wide. Old but very good instant camera

Fuji Instax wide 200 instant camera

I love this format and the camera. I recommend the Fuji wide 200. It’s an older camera which means you can actually pick this up for a fairly good price. I think after shipping I paid like 30 bucks for it.

This camera it’s pretty cool. I’ve used other wide cameras but I keep coming back to this one. It’s super simple to use.

There is also Fuji Instax wide 300 and the photos look pretty much identical. like just straight up the same. So I’m guessing they just reskinned the original camera and just kind of Improved it over the years.

Fuji Instax wide 300 instant camera

So if you want to save some cash maybe get this one because it’s kind of the same.

But if you want to get the flagship one that is the wide 300.

Polaroid yeah, I love Polaroid

I’m gonna break this down into two categories. Modern Polaroids, known as eye type cameras and retro/vintage cameras.

Let’s start with the modern polaroid cameras. Known as eye-type cameras. There are really only a few cameras to even choose from. We’ve got the one-step two pull right now and the one step. That’s all Polaroid offers at the moment.

The one I would go with and recommend for you to grab is the Polaroid Now. It’s easy to use, it’s small and compact compared to other cameras.

Polaroid Now instant camera

It has autofocus and will be good for you on almost every occasion. The photos it takes are really really good compared to all the other polaroid cameras out there.

Also, film for this camera is actually a little cheaper than other types of polaroid.

Film for this is usually about two dollars cheaper so that’s pretty cool. There’s no battery inside the film packs. These cameras now have a built-in battery inside. You just charge it up. It’s better for the environment. There are pros and cons to actual real-world use. But anytime you help the environment out is a good thing. Bravo polaroid for that one aspect.

Let’s move on to the vintage retro cameras because there’s a lot to say about those Vintage cameras.

This is a tricky one there are tons of vintage cameras to choose from.

There are also different types of film for each camera.

We have sx70 600 and spectrophone but, do not buy a spectra camera. It’s not made anymore. You can’t get that film so stay away from it.

My recommendation would be to stick to using 600 film cameras. They are much easier to find as well as film for it. You can get the film at target, best buys all those places. It’s just a lot easier to find. Not that you can’t use 600 film and sx70 cameras, you totally can. You just have to remember to put an nd filter on the pack of film each time. which can be annoying but if you don’t mind doing that, then a folding sx70 camera may be the one for you. Good thing is, it’s an SLR camera. You look through the viewfinder and what you see is what you get. It’s a glass lens, so the pictures are gonna be super sharp and crispy on these particular cameras.

Price ranges are wide, as low as 50 bucks up to 200 plus dollars.

There you go my top instant camera picks for 2021. be sure to check some of those links I’ve put up if you consider getting one for yourself.

now get out there make some art