55 Couple Poses Ideas

Taking photographs as a couple is a great way to document your relationship and show the love and affection that you have for each other.

The key to a amazing couple photo is a great pose that allows you to express your emotions in such a fashion that is easily captured by the camera. There are many different types of that can be used that display the sparks between you and the one you love. The following guide explores a range of dynamic couple poses that will help you create beautiful memories.

Standing Couple Poses

Many couple photos are standing poses where both of you stand still in a single spot for the photo. This positions both individuals near or touching to show the connection to each other.

Side-by-side Couple Poses

Hand holding cute couple posesPin

Standing side-by-side is the most frequently used type of couple pose. Both of you stand closer together on the same plane, both facing the camera head-on. Considered a classic stance, it can be made more intriguing by choosing a unique location, an interesting prop, or an innovative photography technique. The possibilities are endless with side-by-side pictures, which is why they are still highly favored today.

Arms Wrapped Around

Cute couple poses arm wrapped around.Pin

This common couple pose has the taller individual seated with their front to the shorter partner’s back. The arms of the one in the back can be draped over the shoulders of the one in the front or around their waist. For even more intimacy, the one in the front can hold the other’s hands for a full snuggle.

On Tip Toes

Standing on tip toes cute couple poses.Pin

This is perfect when there is a height difference between the partners. The shorter person stands on the tips of their toes while facing the taller individual, bringing them closer to the same plane. It should look fun and often incorporates a kiss for additional tenderness.

Gazing Into Each Other’s Eyes

A couple photoshoot Gazing Into Each Other’s Eyes Pin

Eye contact between each other is a common method to capture the emotions between couples. These photos typically focuses on the couple staring deeply into each other’s eyes as the background is slightly out of focus, placing all of the attention on the passion of the glance.

Back-to-back Couple Poses

Couple Back to Back fun posePin

Couples can show their support of each other with a back-to-back pose. The easiest method to pull this off is to stand with your back to each other and your feet planted shoulder-width apart. Then, both partners should lean back towards each other until the shoulders, or head is touching the back of the other.

Arm Around Waist

Arm Around Waist cute couple photography posesPin

A sweet arm-around-the-waist pose is another one for couples to showcase their love for one another. Pull your spouse in close and focus on the method they feel cradled in your arm. Both can be facing the camera or one can be slightly turned for a more intriguing picture.

Head on Shoulder

Head on shoulder in woods in the same direction which makes cute couple photography poses.Pin

This is another cool shot for when there is a height difference between the partners. Laying one’s head lovingly against the shoulder of their spouse shows trust, love, and a connection between them. This works for both looking at and looking away from the camera.

Walking Couple Poses

Capturing walking together is a cool method to get photos that are lively and energetic. Here are some ideas for intriguing walking couple poses:

Leading the Way

Fun couple pose near the water holding hands.Pin

This is one of the most popular couples poses. The picture visually captures how one sees the other and showcases the trust between them. The hand-holding creates a connection as one guides the other to the next adventure.

Walking Away

Couple pose on mountain in front of sunset.Pin

This common pose simply shows the couple from behind as they walk away from the camera. This pose has many variations, including holding hands while walking, putting an arm around the other’s waist, or having one person look back at the camera.

Arm Around The Neck

Natural couple posePin

The taller person places their arm around the neck of the shorter person as they are walking toward the camera. It shows comfort and connection as a couple in a natural-looking way.

Sitting Couple Poses

Sitting poses are static, so the connection between you and your significant other must be shown through your body language, eye contact, and behavior. The location, atmosphere, and general idea for the pose are all important for creating a romantic feeling in the photos. Some ideas for sitting couple poses include:

Looking Back

Couple photoshoot sittingPin

Sitting down while looking back at the camera is a favorite pose for couples photos. It is a playful stance that has one or both individuals turning the upper half of their body to look directly into the camera behind them. Choosing a unique location or background makes these photos more intriguing.

Sitting On Lap

Favorite couple sitting on lapPin

Another popular couple pose has one person sitting on the lap of the other. For this pose to be successful, both individuals have to feel comfortable and fully supported by whatever they are sitting on. Add in a kiss, a cuddle or a tickle to make the pose more dynamic.

Arm Over Shoulders

Cute couple together.Pin

This pose has one individual casually draping their arm over the shoulder and pulling their partner in close. The simple gesture of leaning back into your partner can say so much without saying anything. This pose is also works for showing both faces looking directly at the camera or looking at each other.

Only One Looks

Cute couple showing only one individual looking up.Pin

With this pose, only one person looks at the camera, while the other person focuses on their spouse or something in the distance. With this pose, the focal point is the eyes of the person looking at the camera and the intensity of their gaze. Wrapping your arms around your partner in this pose shows strength and protection.

Intimate Couple Poses

Couple poses are meant to showcase the connection and love between you and your spouse. One of the best ways to do this is to stay close together in the photos. This is also great for close-up photographs because the focus is on the connection between the couple, not the background. Some intimate couple poses include:

Sharing A Kiss

A kiss is a timeless display of the depths of human relationships. While two faces smashed together don’t make a amazing picture, the moments immediately preceding a real deep kiss will help you capture all the emotions of the kiss itself. Extend the possibilities of the pose by attempting to kiss in slow motion, letting the anticipation build until your lips finally meet.

Forehead-to-forehead Couple Poses

Cute couple Forehead-to-forehead kissing couple poses.Pin

This is one of the best couple poses for intimate, up-close photos. Both foreheads should be touching as you both get close and cozy. Take close-up shots with a slightly out-of-focus background to highlight your closeness and the exclusion of the world around you at that moment.

Arms Around Neck

Cute couple silhouette portrait photography.Pin

Another close and romantic couple pose is placing your arms around the neck of your spouse while gazing deeply into their eyes. This pose can be used for both close-ups and distance shots, depending on the preference of the couple. Try this pose with different photography techniques to create attention-grabbing images.

Nose-to-nose Couple Poses

Nose to nose photography tips and candid moments.Pin

Nothing shows chemistry like being nose-to-nose with someone. The closeness of your faces symbolizes the closeness as a couple and your acceptance. There are many variations to this pose, which can be done standing, sitting, or laying down.

Forehead Kiss

Candid moments forehead kiss.Pin

Another couple pose that shows good chemistry is the forehead kiss. This subtle, sweet gesture is perfect to convey affection, tenderness, and care at a glance. The receiving spouse getting lost in the kiss is a great picture to capture with photos.

Cheek Kiss


Like the forehead kiss, a cheek kiss is a simple gesture that can mean many of different things, depending on the couple sharing the kiss. Cheek kisses can show affection, gratitude, love or just acknowledgment of their presence. Couples that have recently gotten together may be more comfortable with this than kissing on the lips for photos.

Couple Hand Poses

Hand shots are cute and shows your connection and deep care for each other in a subtle way. Some shots focus solely on the hands while others entail placing the hand in a particular place to invoke feelings of love and tenderness. Some of the most popular couple hand poses include:

Holding Hands


Recapture the feeling of your budding romance with a classic hand-holding couple pose. There are many variations to this pose, which can be used while standing, walking, sitting, or laying down to convey a greater sense of intimacy. Some couple poses photographs use hand-holding to enhance the picture while others have to hold hands as the focus of the picture.

Hand on Cheek


The simple act of lightly placing your hand on your partner’s face creates a tender moment illustrating a deep connection and care for each other. The pose can be just a light touch or a gentle caress to make the picture even more romantic. The pose is more powerful when the couple is looking at each other instead of at the camera.

Showing Off the Ring


Couple photos for engagements, weddings, and anniversaries often include a pose showcasing the ring or rings that symbolize your love for each other. These poses often use additional props, like flowers, pillows, and platforms, to support the picture without taking the focus away from the hands.

Lying Down Couple Poses

Many different shots can be done when the couple is lying down. These poses are often combined with kissing, laughing, or just being silly for a more dynamic shot. The best method to shoot these are usually shooting from overhead, which may require some type of platform, so plan ahead if you want these types of shots. The most common resting poses are:

Lying On Backs


What is more relaxing than laying on your back while gazing at your each other? There are many variations to this pose, including whether you are looking at the camera or at each other and whether you are lying side by side or in opposite directions.

Lying On Lap


Resting your head in the lap of your loved one is a pose that is cute and romantic. Typically, the couple is looking at each other instead of at the camera with this pose. Actions like feeding each other, playing with hair, and laughing make the shoot even more personal.

Poses In Bed


The two of you together on your bed are another way to capture the depth of your love. Poses in bed are very intimate, which may be uncomfortable for couples that have recently gotten together, so be sensitive to this when planning your shoot.

Action-packed Couple Poses

Movement can be beautiful on camera, so it’s a good idea to include movement into your shoot as much as possible. When people are moving, they tend to act naturally and are less self-conscious, making them feel more comfortable. Some different shots for couples utilizing motion include:

Hugging Poses


A hugging shot is a good idea for couple poses because there are so many different types of hugs and different methods to capture the emotion in them. Hugs can show love and appreciation or be fun and playful. You can hug each other face-to-face or with both of you facing forward so that both faces are captured. Try a couple of different hug poses to see which ones feel the most comfortable.

Dancing Poses


Dancing poses are a good way to get a joyful shot of a couple enjoying themselves. They create a fun atmosphere that tends to lead to excellent photos. The dancing can be fast or slow, can occur with or without music, and can look amazing indoors or outdoors. You can dance side by side or in each other’s arms for a more romantic shot.

Piggy-back Ride

Piggyback front of the camera.Pin

Piggy-back rides take us back to our childhoods and are a favorite pose for displaying love and fun. For safety, this pose should be used on flat ground in large open areas or outdoors. This will let you move around freely without the risk of running into or tripping over anything while carrying your spouse on your back.

Lift Poses


Being lifted into the air by your spouse is a classic pose that has been used to symbolize romance in countless images and films throughout the ages. This is one of the more versatile couple poses, giving you a variety of methods to tackle it. Some couples prefer a professional dance-type lift where one lifts the other into the air by their waist. Others prefer a wedding-style lift, where one individual is carried under the legs and around the back.

Dip Poses


Dip poses are great and often seen in ballroom dancing routines. One individual leans back on one leg while the other supports the body with a hand beneath the upraised leg and the other hand around the back. The pose can be used in concert with dancing or used to frame a dramatic kiss.

Laughing Poses


Show the joy as a couple with poses that incorporate the two of you laughing together. The laughter can come from something spoken or an interesting prop brought to spark the giggles. Laughter looks best when it comes naturally, so don’t force it or your pictures will suffer for it.

Great Props For Couple Poses

The details shown in the picture can mean the difference between a good picture and a great picture. Some fun props can provide that little something extra that takes your couple’s photoshoot over the top. The best choices will require interaction and attention, taking your gaze away from the person holding the camera and placing it on the task and each other. Some great props for couples poses include:



A blanket is one of the most versatile props for couple poses. You can cozy up together on top of or beneath the blanket, or use the blanket as a wrap to hold you tightly together. Blankets are often used in autumn or winter photos of couples because of the iconic images they help produce.



Have a message you would like to convey in your couple photos? Spell it out using letters. You can use board game tiles, cardboard letters, or the large letters found at your local craft store and online.



Book lovers can include their favorite novels into their couple poses for a personal touch. There are many avenues to use a book as a prop, from reading aloud from it to your spouse to acting out favorite scenes and images. Use your imagination to create unique, meaningful photos.



Boats are another versatile prop that can be used in a wide variety of ways. From chic poses on the bow of a sailboat to paddling around together in a canoe, boats are a great prop for displaying couples enjoying a moment of togetherness.



If you and your spouse bond over music, consider incorporating some musical instruments into your couple poses. These props can be used in a shot where one serenades the other or where the two of you play the instruments together.



Steps are great for adding different levels to your pose, usually by one person being seated higher on the steps than the other. You can use the stairs at your home, at a local park, at a library, or at a prominent building in your city as a fun background for your photos.



Swings are a charming prop for cute couple poses. Many parks and beaches have public swings available to use for your pictures.



Cars and trucks are great props that few couples incorporate into their pictures. From race cars to limousines to recreational vehicles, the wide range of vehicles available means that they can be included into a wide variety of poses. Choose a type of vehicle that has meaning for you and be creative with its use.



An umbrella is an adorable prop that can be used in many different ways. A colorful umbrella can be used as a shield from the rain or a transparent one can be used for a hazy effect that softens the image.



Who doesn’t like a photo of couples riding bikes? This classic prop can be pair of single bikes or a charming bicycle built for two. You can balance the bikes for a static shot or take them on a ride past the direction of the camera for a shot with movement.



There are few things more romantic than the warm glow of a flickering fire. It doesn’t matter if the firelight comes from a fireplace, an outdoor fire pit, or a bonfire. There is just something special captured in fireside photos.

Great Locations For Couple Poses

A picturesque location can be almost as captivating as the couple in the photo. The locations chosen should be meaningful and have some special significance to you and your spouse. Being in a familiar environment will also make you more comfortable during the photoshoot, as you will be more focused on the good memories than on performing for the camera.

Overlooking The City


A city skyline is a fun scenery for couples poses.

Out In The Country


There is charm and tranquility in a simple country scene.

At The Lake


A lake provides many photo opportunities, including reflection shots, sweet scenes of togetherness, and action shots.

On A Harbor Or Pier


Harbors and piers offer stunning views over the water.

On A Picnic


A picnic is a classic location for couple poses. Study candles and hanging lights are good props to use to enhance the intimacy of picnic scenes.

In The Kitchen


A romantic kitchen scene can include cooking together, feeding each other, or just relaxing and enjoying each other’s company.

At The Beach


The beach has many natural elements that are excellent for creating lovely pictures.

In A Flower Field


Fields of wildflowers look amazing, smell fantastic, and form a romantic scenery for couples’ poses.

In The Snow


A snowy day is amazing for cuddly poses. Snow softens the surrounding landscape and obscures features, so the exact location is not as important as the scenery.

Near A Mountain


A mountain range is a striking image that adds a grand scale to your pictures.

In The Forest


The soft lighting and muted colors of the forest provide a perfect backdrop for many couples’ poses.

Going Around Town


Your hometown has landmarks and features that you love. Go around and take pictures of you pointing them out to each other and posing as a couple around them.

Tips For Getting The Best Couple Photos

Getting photos taken as a couple is a amazing way to capture memories and document your life together especially if you plan on purchasing an electronic photo frame to display your wonderful new images. While photo shoots are supposed to be full of fun, they do require some work on your part for the best results. If you want to get the best pictures of you and your spouse, you should prepare for your photo shoot by following some of the suggestions and tricks listed below.

Communication Tips

Communication is key when it comes to a photo shoot featuring more than one person. It is important to remember that there are at least three people involved in the photoshoot: you, your significant other, and your photographer. Like a tripod, if one leg is shaky, then it is impossible to get the best results.

Before booking the photoshoot, you should communicate with your spouse and form the outline of a plan for the photo shoot, even if it is just mentally. Find out if they would be comfortable doing couples photos and their level of comfort with being intimate with other people around. Some may love the idea while others may have some concerns. But you will never know if you don’t ask.

If your spouse is ok with the idea of a couples photoshoot, have a casual conversation about what you would both like to see done with the photoshoot. Is there a particular spot that has importance to you and your significant other? Are there any poses they would love or hate to participate in? By bouncing ideas off of each other ahead of time, you can avoid awkwardness and confusion when it is time to take the photos.

It is also important to communicate with the photographer prior to the photoshoot. Agree to a budget ahead of time, along with the locations that you would like to include. If you have ideas about the poses you would like, communicate them too. The cameraman will have a better idea of what you are expecting, which will help the photoshoot go smoothly, and will be able to provide you with feedback and suggestions ahead of the session.

Creativity Tips

More often than not, the best images from a photography session are the ones that are the most creative and unique. So don’t be afraid to try something new! Experiment with ideas to see which ones work the best for you and your spouse.

Hobbies and interests that you share are a great focal point for a photoshoot and focusing on something that you both enjoy will make you both more comfortable and relaxed on film. Embrace the unique aspects of your relationship, whether it is a love of ice cream or a preference for backpacking in a national forest. The things that you share are the things that will make amazing photos.

Be open to the suggestions of the photographer. Remember, the reason you hired a professional is for their advice and expertise. Your photographer wants you to be happy with the images they capture and will try their best to show off the best things about the subject of their photo. If you are uncomfortable with anything they suggest, speak up right away to let them know.

Tips For Capturing Candid Shots

The best couple photos capture the moment of connection between the two individuals as they engage in natural actions. Generally known as candid shots, these photos are of unguarded instances when the subjects forget about being on camera and just enjoy themselves. They show the couple lost in their own world, where the only thing that matters is each other.

The best method to capture these type of shots is to do something you enjoy with your significant other while the photographer snaps any romantic moments between the two of you. It might be the moment when your significant other lightly brushes stray hairs from your forehead on a windy walk or the moment when you reach for their hand in the kitchen. The possibilities are endless with candid shots, so just appreciate the moment you are sharing with your significant other while the photographer does all of the work.

While some planning is necessary for a successful photoshoot, it should not be a step-by-step process that is set in stone. Allow time for unscripted moments and adjustments that will really help you capture the magic of your relationship. Being open to change and spontaneity will let you capture all kinds of cute poses that you didn’t think of before. It also ensures the experience will be much more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Clothing Tips

What you wear for the photoshoot is just as important as the poses and locations you choose. The fashion style and clothing colors for the photos should be discussed by you and your spouse ahead of time so that you can come to an agreement on what the both of you would feel most comfortable in. There are a lot of things to take into consideration when it comes to clothing for a couple’s photoshoot.

The first thing that should be taken into consideration is the location where the pictures will be taken. If you are shooting primarily in an indoor location, you have more freedom for your attire choices than if you are shooting primarily at an outdoor location, where the season and weather must be a factor in your choice. You will want to dress comfortably and in attire that allows you to move freely around the environment.

The attire that is chosen for the photoshoot should complement each other, but should not be an exact match due to the “sibling vibes” matching outfits can give off. The fashion styles should be compatible and the colors shouldn’t clash with each other or the planned scenery. Many photographers recommend avoiding strong patterns, words, or graphics as they can detract from the other elements in the photo.

The attire chosen for the photoshoot should be ones that make you feel confident, attractive, and desirable. For some couples, this may be a suit and an evening gown. For other couples, it may be a sundress and a button-down shirt. Accents like jewelry, watches, scarves, and hair accessories will help the photographer capture your personal aesthetic. Stay true to your style and your comfort will show in your pictures.

Using complementary colors will allow you to stick out from the scenery and each other. Remember, the point of the photograph isn’t your outfit, it’s the bond that you share with each other. Avoid bold colors that scream for attention, but don’t be so muted that you fade into the backdrop.

Consider what colors you will encounter at the locations you have chosen when choosing your outfits. If the photoshoot location is in the forest, you do not want to be dressed in shades of green. If you will be taking pictures on a city street, neutral colors should be avoided so you do not look like part of the buildings. To be safe, bring a couple of complete outfits to the photoshoot so you can change if necessary.


Getting the best couple photos requires choosing the right couple poses, locations, and props to represent your relationship. Feel free to use any of the pose ideas in this article for your own photos. These ideas are just a small portion of the possibilities and are designed to inspire you to create your own cherished memorable moments. If you are comfortable and are in an environment that you find pleasant, your love will shine brightly in the images you capture.